Keanu Reeves: The Matrix 5 movie will not be made


Neo actor Keanu Reeves says he believes the Matrix 5 will not be made, but is interested in starring in the film.

The Matrix trilogy ended years ago with The Matrix Revolutions, but some time ago The Matrix Resurrections was released in theaters and on HBO Max. However, Matrix 4 received mediocre reviews from critics and also met with a negative reaction from most Matrix fans. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, The neo actor believes that the fifth part of the Matrix movie will never be made.

In an interview with Empire, from Keanu ReevesNeo was asked about the possibility of making Matrix 5, and Reeves said in an interview that he did not think it would ever happen. “I do not think it will be built,” Reeves said. In my opinion Lana [واچوفسکی] “He is not going to make another film from The Matrix.” Of course, Reeves said that if the 5-day Matrix movie is made, he is willing to attend it and has no problem attending it.

Keanu Reeves as Neo watching his past memories with Morpheus and Bugs in The Matrix Resurrections

There are no plans to make Matrix 5 at this time, but after the less-than-expected performance of The Matrix Resurrections at the box office, and even if all the cast and Lana Wachowski wanted to, it is now unlikely that Warner Bros. will make another part of The green light matrix set will show. The Matrix Resurrections has grossed $ 30.9 million in North America and another $ 75.1 million internationally, for a total of $ 106 million worldwide.

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Keanu Reeves as Neo Cree-Ann Moss In the role of Trinity, Yahya Abdul Matin II In the role of Morpheus, Jessica Henwick In the role of Bugs, Jida Pinkett Smith In the role of Newby, Lambert Wilson In the role of Merwin, Neil Patrick Harris، Jonathan Grove، Priyanka Chopra، Toby Anomir, Erandira Ibarra, Andrew Caldwell And Max Remelt, Are among the actors who have appeared in the movie The Matrix Resurrections and have played roles. also Lana Wachowski He has been in charge of directing and writing the script for the new episode of The Matrix.

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