Ken Levine talks about the importance of throwing away some of the work done to make the game


Ken Levine, best known for his BioShock game series, recently made some interesting remarks about the process of making a great video game.

While a few days ago a report from Jason Schreier In Bloomberg Against Ken Levin Published, he has just had the opportunity to talk about some of the claims made in the article. For example, this article said that some former members of Ghost Story Games (Ken Levine’s new game development studio) are opposed to Levine implementing constant changes in the game. In the process of making the game, he may put aside the work done by several people over several months on the grounds that they no longer fit in with the new perspective. As a result, making the game under his supervision is not such that all members of the studio are moving in a certain direction from beginning to end.

Now Levin, the creator of the BioShock game series, said in an interview with the Arcade Attack podcast that this is how he learned to play. He went on to talk about the great lessons he had learned during his early years as a playmaker. While writing various ideas for games for the Looking Glass studio, Levine realized that sometimes he should have no fear of throwing away what he had done. The acclaimed game developer, who has works such as System Shock 2 in his repertoire, explained that during the early years of his career he was forced to abandon several designs full of unique worlds and special mechanics altogether.

Ken Levine giving a speech

“Levin,” Levin said.Doug Church He was the person I was working with at Looking Glass at the time, and he was my coach. The plans were being prepared and we talked about them for a while. In the end, he said, the plan would not work. I should have learned to go back to work very quickly after being fired, and I think he was right in all those discussions; Like the discussions we had during the making of Thief.

It was a great lesson that I think should be important for young gamers; To know that what you wrote in a design or what you made for the game is not necessarily good; Or at least maybe not good enough. I think of all those rejected projects that were good and had their strengths. But [وقتی آن‌ها را کنار گذاشتیم], We came up with better plans. This was the most important lesson for me in the world of games. I think a lot of game developers have a problem with that; “With the fact that you have to throw away some of your work.”

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We know from reports that Tick-to-Interactive, as the owner of Ghost Story Games studio, has really given Ken Levine a lot of freedom of action and values ​​this great game maker. He says that he does not know any other way to make the works he wants, and considers the possibility of discarding some of the work done as a great advantage: Now, if you have the ability to do this in the game, you have the luxury facilities.

I was lucky enough to enjoy this luxury (extraordinary comfort). If my work has been good, I think it’s more than any other reason because I was able to say no. I could say that what has been done does not work. Then cross over and set it aside.

Some may see it as a dilemma, and I can certainly understand why some people have such feelings about these decisions. But I do not know any other way to reach the destination. Moving in this direction requires that you want to pick it up again automatically and start over. “I think it is necessary and I see it as a luxury opportunity.”

Booker and Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite

Shortly after the publication of the Bloomberg report, Colin Moriarty Contrary to Schreier’s claims, he does not think Ken Levine’s new game will be “in the hell of production,” said one of the oldest and most well-known journalists in the gaming industry on the YouTube channel Last Stand Media. “It does not always mean that a game is in production hell,” he explained. Speaking of which, Ken Levine recently said that he wants to introduce his new game close to the release date.

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