Ken Levin’s new game will probably be introduced a few months before its release


In his latest interview, the creator of BioShock has spoken of his lack of interest in introducing his new game early.

Recently and during the latest game news, Ken Levin Known for creating a series of popular and influential BioShock games, he mentioned in a recent interview the timing of the introduction of his new work. Levin spent many years in news silence working on a new work after Bioshock Infinite. Now that we are apparently approaching the time of the release of his new work, the news about Levin and his new composition has increased.

The creator of the BioShock series addresses a variety of issues during an interview with the Aracde Attack podcast. One of the topics Levin talked about in his interview was the introduction of the new game; The work is being produced at Ghost Story Games Studios under the supervision of a number of former creators of the Bioshock series. In the words of this creative playmaker and author, we read:

“We did not want to introduce the game too soon. We did not want to enter this path at all. Because we thought that the game would be released sooner than we expected and we were not at all interested in introducing the game too early, the process of creating interest and hype in gamers for a long time until [عرضه‌ی بازی] takes. Because this is not really attractive and I think gamers like to know what kind of effect they are going to face. “In my opinion, the only correct solution to this issue is to introduce the game in the near future.”

Levin also notes that his play will be “surprising and non-surprising” to the audience. In this interview, he also spoke about not cooperating with the creators of the new Bioshock series project. Ken Levine did this interview while Jason Schreier In the Bloomberg blog, he writes about the critical state of development of Levin’s new work. Of course, some gaming industry reporters find Schreier’s new report far from the truth.

what do you think? When do you think Levin’s new production will be released? Write your opinion for Zomji.

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