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Top 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For 2022- 2023

One of the keys to rank your article on the web is itself keyword
In this article, I am going to show you the best free keyword research tools to find keywords for beginners who are new in the field of blogging or to run a campaign for a business

first thing is to do is find a niche keyword because the niche is the specific keyword which you are going to rank it in the first page of the google to drive thousands of visitors to your blog or website per day.

For every blogger, the keyword is important for ranking your post on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, Yandex and more.

keyword research tools

If your keyword is ranked on google the entire website will be rank.

so, here I am going to list the best free keyword research tools to help you to find niche keyword for your self

Top 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Uber Suggest 
  3. Keyword Discovery
  4. KWFinder
  5. LSI Keyword 

1.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the free keyword research tool which you can find the keywords

As you know Google Keyword planner has 2 main profit for the users

  • Keyword Research
  • Get historical statistics and traffic forecasts.

How to use Google Keyword Planner

  • Sign in to Google Keyword Planner

For using Google Keyword Planner you need to have Google Ad word Account, if you have one so you are one step further

Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is also called Google ads which you can use for advertising, campaign, Video and audio ads.

  • Now you need to click on toolbox which is located on as I show you

google adword

Next, click on the keyword planner

Googel adword keyword planner

Here you will get many options like Find new keywords, Get search volume and forecasts, How to use keyword planner, Open previous keyword planner.

Google adword

Now, I will explain each and every function to use it on the Google Keyword Planner

Find new Keywords

As you know it by the name Find new keywords so this tool is to find new keywords

as you see there is an option of  Enter words, Phrases, URL related to your business

google adword tools

This tool suggests 3 option which I am going to explain briefly about it

  • Enter Words: you can enter a single word to describe or search about it like (football or Business). Here you have access to all google’s internal keywords for different companies and countries.
  • Phrases: you can search “Multiple Keywords” When you want to describe 2 to 3 words which are close to each other like ( Coffee or Coffee shop near me ) it shows the related of multiple keywords here.
  • URL related to your business: the 3rd option you can enter the URL  of your homepage or a post on your website to get some solid keywords for your self, this option is for a Primary user of Google Adwords

After you Enter a keyword, Phrase, URL  then click on GET STARTED

keyword planner tools

After, you started searching keywords the list of Internal Google’s Keyword related to the keyword you searched about will be listed

There is much information about

  • Keyword Relevance: Here you will get the relevant keywords to the searched keyword like for football it found 669 keywords idea which you can pick some of them for your title or niche keywords
  • Avg. Monthly Searches: It shows the monthly search for each keyword
  • Competition: it shows the competition of the keyword for searching like (low, medium, High)
  • Top of page bid (low rang): it shows the CPC of the keyword that how much is starts
  • Top of page bid (high range): the highest amount of CPC for a keyword

adword tools

Good thing in keyword planner is that you can select the region where you want visitors from like city or country.

you can also change the Language but mine is always English

adword keyword planner

There is an option which called ADD FILTER you can specific some words or niche keyword you want

google adsense

There is many options to click, you can see. I choose keyword text

keyword research tools

In keyword text, another option contains and I typed team for a filter of football

google ads

Here is the result of football keyword

adword tools

Get search volume and forecasts

This section is all about how to create a campaign or ads for your site.

Here you can input from your computer like keywords, one word, Phares, multiple keywords separated by commas

google adwords ads

let’s try for football keyword then click on GET STARTED

forecast adword

You get information about Clicks, Impressions, Cost, CTR, Avg.CPC, AVG position and more information is bellow


How to use keyword planner

you can get more information about keyword planner just by clicking How to use keyword planner

how to use keyword planner

Open previous keyword planner

On 2018, google update keyword planner before it was somehow different but still you can have access to the old version which I mostly use it.

It is somehow simple

keyword plan

You can search about keywords, Phares, multiple keywords and related to website keywords

Again, I searched about football keyword

Click on GET IDEAS

google ads

Here is all information regarding the football keyword about the search terms, Avg. monthly searches, competition, suggest ed bit, ad impr. share and add to plan

google adwords

2. Uber Suggest Free Keyword tools

Uber suggest keyword tool is created by Neil Patel, the main propose of this keyword tool is to provide and generated the keywords idea for website, production, content marketing strategy, and advertisement.

With Uber Suggests you can find a niche keyword and generate an unlimited long tail keyword.

you can search single keyword or Phares to long tail keywords and get information about the volume, competition, seasonal trends for each keyword in this free keyword tools

uber suggest

Now, I have searched about Football then click in Search

ubersuggest keyword tool

Here, It is all about Keyword Overview about Football like Search Volum, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty and CPC (Cost Per Click).

Neil Patel has designed this keyword tool very simple and amazing

you can see the volume and Monthly search of the keyword described it with a beautiful graph

ubersuggest tool

Moreover, For every relevance keyword, there is full of information regarding the Trend, Volume, CPC, Paid difficulty and SEO difficulty and you can view all keyword ideas about it

keyword research tools 2019

SERP ANALYSISSERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis is the process of analyzing the top web pages that rank for a specific keyword or topic. SEO and marketing professionals use this information to determine the difficulty level of ranking for a Google search.

SERP Analysis shows that in which websites, Social media this keyword has been viewed most

like Root Domain, Est Visitors, Social Shares, Domain Score.

ubersuggest tool

2nd Option in this keyword tool is Keyword Ideas click on it

keyword ideas

In this window, you can have all of the information regarding the keyword ideas and keyword overview.


uber suggest tool

The 3rd option is all about SERP Analysis information regarding the keyword you have searched.

ubersuggest tools

Here you can have all the websites name and link which the keyword has been used plus the number of visitors and shares on the on this option

neil patel keyword researched tool

Ubersuggest keyword research tool will also help you determine if it is worth targeting a specific keyword. If all your competition is bidding on specific phrases, it means that you should consider going after the keyword.

Along with keyword research tool, you can find Seo Analysis tool, Content Marketing, Marketing Checklist, Competitive Intelligence on

3. Keyword is another free keyword research tool which you can use it for a sereaching new keyword, generate it a long tail keyword.

Keyword Discovery provides access to the biggest keyword database derived from all the search engines. Access to search phrases that people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

Let’s start with keyword discovery free keyword research tool

Again i have search for Football then click on Discover

keyword discovery tools

Due to the high security matters the tool want you to type the code and mark as Adult Filter

keyword descovery keyword research tool

Then, you will have the list of keywords which are relevance to the football and the total searched about the mention keyword.

keyword tools

In this free keyword research tool, you can have many other Features overview which you need to subscribe to them, after that you will have access to them

  • Keyword research: It shows the list of relevant keywords with the search volume of each one.
  • Spelling Mistake Research: some of us have spelling mistake so this tool shows the similarity keywords to the keyword we searched
  • Seasonal Research Trends: This tool works on the seasonal use of a product, In which period has more visitors. Most of the production companies use this tool for advertisements
  • KEL Analysis: With this Keyword analysis tool you can view a range of statistics for each search term
  • Keyword Density Analysis: This tool you can use for two primary SEO tasks:
    1. Checking the density counts of the keywords used on your pages.
    2. Identifying the keywords that your competitors are targeting.
  • Domain Researcher Tool: you can search for a domain for any niche keywords which shows the .com and .net domain in real time.
  •  Full list of features: with keyword discovery, you can have many advantages like:
    • Optimize the content of your web pages and your meta tags
    • Maximize your pay per click campaigns
    • Take traffic away from your competitors

This all was about keyword discovery free keyword tool I have explained so you can choose which of them you want to try it.

4. KWFinder – Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool bringing hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

This Keyword research tool is full free which you can use it


By Kwfinder you may have access to the following tools

  • Keyword Research 
  • SERP Checker 
  • SERP Watcher
  • Link Miner
  • Site Profiler 

keyword tools

I am going to explain each and every tool for you very briefly which looks so amazing and cool.

1. Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder keyword research tool you can generate a long tail keyword with low SEO difficulty.

So, I have typed a football keyword let’s see what we have got from this keyword research tool

you can select the specific place like city and country and in which language you want to search

Then, you should click on Find Keywords

kwfinder tool

Here is the result you can see like relevance keywords, search, CPC, PPC.

The good news about this keyword research tool is you can have the keyword SEO difficulty for each of the relevance keyword.

You can also see which popular websites have used this keyword and plus the link of the websites

For every keyword, there is an option of Monthly Search Volume and Interest over time

This is a very cool option which can help you to choose which keywords you needed

kwfinder keyword research tool

Let’s review the other relevant keyword to football like football News

Here is the result of the football news keyword.

The score is 66/100 which means that Hard SEO difficulty to be rank

Most of the popular websites covered it

This was information was updated 18 days ago

keyword research tool

However, you can select those keywords you need them, It is your choice whether you want to Add to list or Export it

keyword tool

2. SERP Checker 

SERP analysis is necessary for keyword research so you know who are your competitors and whether you can compete with them.

Let’s check for Football keyword who is the competitor or can we compete with them or not?

You can select the Location ( Country) and want to know Desktop visitors and Mobile Visitor select them.

Click on Analyze SERP

kwfinder keowrd tools

The Keyword SEO Difficulty for this keyword is Possible means not hard and SERP Features Impact is Very High.

3 billion Number of results we have got for this keyword


you can have those popular websites used this keyword are below in the picture

keyword research tool

you can more option in this tool like Export results, Matrics settings, and Preview Snapshot.

kwfinder keyword tools

3.Link Miner

Link Miner is the Backlink analyzer, it provides those websites similar to the website you search.

kwfinder analyzer

With Link Miner, you can have some benefits

  • Mine the most powerful backlinks of competitors: The Link Strength is a new metric by mangools that evaluates the overall link power with Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Do follow vs. No, follow links and other metrics.
  • See embedded website preview in the dashboard: Preview the website containing the backlink directly in the tool. LinkMiner will highlight the link placement so you don’t need to search for it in a new tab.
  • Save URLs with backlink opportunities for later: Mark the URLs with the biggest potential to earn a backlink as your favorites. You can easily get back to them whenever you need in the Favorites panel.

You can paste the Website URL then click on Find backlinks

backlink analysis

4. Site Profiler 

Site Profiler is the new website analyzer tool that you can analyze the entire website just in a second

This website analyzer tool is awesome for those who want to analyze their website and know all information regarding the website

website analyzer

Let’s search a URL in this cool Tool

Paste the Link then click on Analyze Website 

website analyzer tool

You got more options like Overview, Traffic, Backlinks, Top Content, Audience, Competitors.

analyzer tools

So, I have click on Overview

Let’s check out

keyword research tool

This is all information regarding so,you can check analysis any website you want to do.

5. LSI Keyword

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are words that are commonly found together within a single topic and are semantically related to each other.

Here is an LSI Keyword example – Let’s say your article topic is “horticulture”. Typically, you would find multiple related keywords like “agriculture”, “crops”, “botany” and “plants”. As you write naturally about a certain topic that you have done enough research for, a certain number of common keyword phrases will be naturally found for that specific topic. These phrases are called LSI keywords and are semantically linked to each other based on the topic (or the seed keyword) and search engines expect to find them in every article on that topic.

LSI keywords therefore help search engines figure out the main topic of your article. As another example, say your article topic is “cars”. If your article had the words “clutch, “gas”, “price”, “mileage”, “aftermarket”, “used”, then the search engines know that your article is about vehicles for transportation. However, if your article had words like “Disney”, “animated”, “characters”, “McQueen” or “mater”, the search engines would know that the article is about the Disney movie “Cars”. Hence, having related keywords in your content is critical to sending the right signals about your topic to the search engines. source Lsi Keyword

Here you can generate the keywords for time for 10 times every time you open this keyword tool so

lsi keyword generator

Here you can enter up to 10 seed keywords here and you can choose the country which you prefer then click on generate LSI Keywords

Lets start with Football Keyword

lsi keyword keyword generator

When you enter Football keyword then click Generate LSI keyword

keyword research tools lsi keyword

There is 10000 keywords around for football

you can pick up this keywords by copy, excel file , CSV file and PDF

Down here you can see all the keyword lists, monthly volume, CPC and Competition 

This keyword research tool is so simple to use but do not have a complicated features and every one can understand it by seeing it

LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. In short, they are keywords that are related to your main term. They help support your content and give it more context for both the search engines and your users.

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are simply keywords related to the topic your page is about, and with Google’s Panda update, they are looking for more of a topic match instead of a keyword match. How they do this is by looking for LSI keywords. The idea is that you would just naturally include them as you write. So by simply writing naturally, you will have found them.

Say for example you have a traveling site. The idea is that you would naturally include related words like “flights”, “accommodation”, “visit”, “great place for a vacation” in the content. These are LSI keywords for your “traveling” topic.

Semantic search is a data searching technique in a which a search query aims to not only find keywords, but to determine the intent and contextual meaning of the words a person is using for search. source Quora 

lsi keyword

Conclusion: You can search and find any keyword or niche keyword for your self for free from these website which you have access it for free. so please write your personal experience in our website by leaving a comment on comment box.

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