Kojima will start working on a radical project this year


Kojima said in his speech that he is going to start a new work seriously this year and take a radical project to the next pilot stage.

According to fame and heritage Hideo Kojima And his team at Kojima Productions Studios is eagerly awaiting what the developer is going to play in the future. Whatever happens, it looks like work on one of the next projects will start soon.

Official art image published by Kojima Productions for 2022

Kojima recently confirmed on Twitter that in 2022, he will begin serious development of his next project. Interestingly, he announces that he is working on “a radical project” and says that he is looking to “move to the next level of experimentation”. Of course, making a traditional and bizarre game should not be surprising considering the work experience of this game maker. “This year I am going to start a new business seriously and take a radical project to the next pilot stage,” Kojima tweeted. I also hope to launch a video team. “Can I also go for something like a radio project?”

Some have also interpreted Kojima’s sentence, which refers to two games; Construction of one of them will be seriously advanced in 2022, and one of them is currently in the experimental phase. Recently, in an interview with Famitsu, it was announced that Hideo Kojima is making two games.

Of course, we do not yet officially recognize Kojima Productions’ new projects. However, many rumors have been spread about them. According to reports, Kojima will work with Microsoft on a cloud-based game exclusively for Xbox, which is supposed to be a new part of a series of games owned by Xbox; Not a new collection. Interestingly, rumors also claim that Kojima Productions is working on a Silent Hill game funded by Sony.

Meanwhile Norman Redas, Star of Death Stranding and The Walking Dead, also recently mentioned that talks on a Death Stranding sequel are underway. Kojima himself may even have mentioned this (making a new Death Stranding game). Kojima Productions has also recently opened a new branch dedicated to television, film and music.

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