Konami’s $ 164,000 revenue from the first NFT auction in Castlevania


Fourteen Castlevania classic artwork sold at Konami’s first NFT auction to generate more than $ 164,000 in revenue for the company.

As promised earlier this month, Konami, publisher of the Metal Gear series and Silent Hill Held an online auction of 14 pieces of digital artwork based on classic games Castlevania sold. These irreplaceable tokens are in the form of Konami Memorial NFT collection And on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the release of the first part of the Castlevania game series. NFTs are unique, irreplaceable units of data stored in the blockchain that allow users to buy and sell items such as digital artwork.

Konami Memorial Collection Saturday morning through the digital store OpenSea It sold out completely, and each of its works was purchased by users for approximately $ 12,000. the most expensive NFT Sold at auction, to an artwork based on a drawing Dracula’s Castle in the first game of the Castlevania series It was sold at a price of $ 26,539.

Another NFT that was auctioned off was a three-minute highlight video of various scenes from Castlevania gameplay. It was sold for $ 17,518. Artistic image Circle of the Moon, one of the most popular parts of the Castlevania series, was valued at $ 17,000. Konami announced that buyers of the company’s NFTs could register their name on the list of owners of the works on the company’s official website for 10 months.

Konami Memorial NFT collection

OpenSea platform It receives a 2.5 percent commission on these transactions, indicating that Konami made a profit of more than $ 157,000 at the auction. It should be noted that with Konami’s 10% share of sales NFTs In the future, the company will continue to earn money from trading these works.

Konami has announced that the Casltevania Memorial NFT collection was the company’s first project to enter the field of non-exchangeable tokens, and with the significant profit it has made from its first practical action in this business, it will surely return with more offers.

Many gaming companies have started selling their digital items in NFT format, including Ubisoft. Of course, the actions of these companies have been met with a lot of criticism from the audience community, and many audiences are still pessimistic about such activities. Square Enix is ​​one of the companies that has recently expressed its desire to be in this field and is eager to play a role in this big trend.

Yosuke MatsudaIn a New Year’s letter, Square Enix CEO pledged to make NFT and blockchain part of the company’s upcoming projects. “Metawares was one of the hottest topics in the tech world in 2021, and it seems that this concept is not just a fleeting trend and will continue to be so,” Matsuda wrote at the outset.

Konami Memorial NFT collection

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“Games traditionally involve a kind of one-way flow, whereby developers like us offer a game to the consumers who play it,” he said. In contrast, we have blockchain-based games that are based on tokens and have the potential for sustainable, independent growth. “In fact, the driving force behind this sustainable growth is the diversity of these games, which can be seen both in the way people interact and in the motivation that makes them do so.”

While Square Enix and Ubisoft are keen to enter the NFT ecosystem, the idea still has strong opponents. Valve has explicitly stated that it will not allow Steam-related games to enter Steam.

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