Krish and Eddie return in the official trailer of the new Ice Age animation


Disney and Twentieth Century Studios have released the new and official animated trailer for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

In the latest Movie and TV news, A new trailer of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild has been released. This trailer is actually the official trailer of this animation from the Ice Age series, during which we see a return to the Lost World to witness the adventure of Eddie and Crash with Buck again. This trailer contains more images of the events of the Ice Age 6 animation, and you can watch this trailer below:

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The animation The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild will be broadcast on January 28 (February 29) on Disney Plus. In addition to the trailer, Disney has also released a new poster of the new Ice Age animation, which you can see below:

The new animated poster of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Simon Peg, Atkar’s Ambodecar, Aaron Harris and Vincent Tong, Are among the voice actors of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, who have been tasked with voice acting the characters of this animation. John C. Dunkin He also directed the animation of Ice Age 6 based on a screenplay by Ray Laurentis, Jim Hatch and William Schaefer, Has been in charge. This animation is Dunkin ‘first directing experience, having previously appeared as a producer on Ice Age animation.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation follows the story of Crash and Eddie, nicknamed the Possum brothers, who are looking for a place to find themselves, but are trapped in the Lost World. They are rescued by Rassau Buck Wilde, and together they embark on a mission to save the lost land world from dinosaur domination.

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