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Winning is always a pleasant feeling that we all like to experience for once in a lifetime, especially if there are very special and precious prizes waiting for us.

These days, Instagram contests have brought a lot of excitement with them and give their audience the opportunity to easily experience the feeling of sweetness and victory. Reputable brands by holding these competitions on Instagram pages and donating products to their audiences announce to them that they are very valuable to them and are the main capital of the company.

Recently, Sazegar Arqam Company has started holding monthly competitions on its Instagram page. The prizes of the company’s Instagram contests are so attractive that the audience can not easily pass by it. All gifts of this company are offered to customers with a compatible guarantee. If you want to experience the thrill of the race with the sweet feeling of winning, January competition Do not miss this company. This competition will be held from January 17 to February 20, and the winners will be determined in the live lottery on February 25. Prizes for the January compatible competition are the first prize for a Samsung A22 smartphone, the second prize for the Lenovo TAB M8 8-inch tablet, and the third prize for the 2MT Western Digital My Passport external hard drive. Visit the compatible Instagram page at and try your luck at winning the company’s most valuable awards. The conditions for participating in the compatible competition are very simple so that all audiences can easily participate. The condition for participating in the compatible monthly lottery is to follow the sazgar.argham page (if you do not follow the page, you will not participate in the lottery), like the contest post, save the contest post and finally with Invite three of your friends to participate in this contest to increase your chances of winning. Now wait to win.

Compatible, first choice warranty

These days, with the entry of fake or non-genuine goods into the market, buying genuine digital goods is one of the main concerns of customers. It has happened to all of us that we buy a product and after a while we realize that it is not original. At the same time, in addition to the cost we incurred and did not reach the desired product, we also experience a bad feeling of dissatisfaction within us.

The good news for customers who are looking for the original product and warranty is the existence of a valid warranty called compatible. Sazegar Arqam Company has started its activity since 1990 and provides original goods and services to its customers with a history of 30 years. The company’s products are in the field of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, computer parts and gaming. The owners of this brand have provided a sense of guarantee of guarantee and product for their audience in the market.

Free consultation before buying goods is one of the strengths of Sazegar Arqam Company. Today, due to the high variety of goods in the market, sometimes we hesitate in choosing and can not make the right decision based on our budget and needs. A company compatible with your strong and skilled technical team will help you to know your needs accurately and make the best choice according to the cost you are going to do.

Compatible technical team will stay with you after purchasing the product and in case of any hardware or software problems will help you to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, when a system or component fails and we guarantee our system, we worry about delivery time and delays. The company adapts figures to solve this problem and help its customers Security system Uses. You can request a security system at the time of delivery of your defective device so that you can easily get to your work and activities during the repair period and do not worry about losing time.

Compatible warranty has an online parts ordering section. If customers are looking for a piece with special specifications, it is possible for them to order the desired piece online and receive the price and delivery time from the company after 3 working days. In this situation, there is assurance for customers that the product is provided to them with the original and compatible warranty, and there is no need to search in today’s crowded market.

Sazegar Arqam Company has 5 branches in Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz and Mashhad. Customers all over the country can go to the branch near their place of residence and deliver their goods for inspection and not pay extra to send to the central branch in Tehran. If there is a need to send the customer’s goods to the head office, this process is done free of charge for the customer. In fact, the cost of round trip from the branches to the head office is compatible with the company.

With the rapid growth of technology, we see new models of digital goods every day. Knowing this issue, Sazegar Arqam Company has provided conditions for its customers to be able to replace their second-hand goods with new ones. In this case, the price of the old product is first estimated and announced to the customer. The customer will pay the difference if we wish and will receive a new product.

Compatible online store

Today, most people choose to shop online for their purchases. This saves both time and money. In recent years, the way of life has changed and you no longer need to go out and enter the city markets to buy the necessary items such as digital goods. Today, all this is done with just a few clicks on a smartphone or laptop and computer at home and simply.

Sazegar online store is a subset of Sazegar Arqam Company, which has started working with the aim of providing original goods and services to customers. Providing genuine goods and services along with the best market prices and sending goods in the shortest possible time is one of the main goals of this collection, which has been trying to achieve for many years. The compatible online store has been set up with the aim of facilitating customers’ access to these facilities, in addition to speeding up the purchasing process, it also undertakes the mission of informing and informing.

It has happened to all of us that we make purchases that we do not need its facilities at all, sometimes we do it consciously and out of interest, but sometimes this happens unintentionally and due to lack of information is enough. The compatible online store is by your side in all stages of shopping and provides you with information in the field of IT in simple language so that you have the best choice according to your needs and budget.

Easy to use compatible site creates the opportunity for all customers in any age group to easily access the product they want. A good point in the experience of ordering from the compatible site is the valid guarantee of this company, which in case of any technical problems, the colleagues in the guarantee department are responsible for the customers.

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