Leaked video of the character making part of the game Elden Ring


Recently, a Twitter user named ER-SA posted a video of the character building part of the Elden Ring game.

Elden Ring can be considered one of the most anticipated games of 2022, which will be available to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series users in less than two months | Xbox S Series. Now, a few months after the network tested the Elden Ring game, a Twitter user named ER-SA posted a video showing the character personalization in the Elden Ring game.

In the streamed video, which runs for 6 minutes at a time, users become well acquainted with personalization and how to create game characters. If you’ve been a user of previous Framesoft games like the Dark Souls series, you know that character personalization in those games was very simple. This is while Alden Ring seems to offer a much more complete experience in this regard, and on the other hand, we see good details visually.

Apart from changes such as hairstyles, beards or their color, users can also change the color of their skin. Therefore, we expect to see the creation of strange and sometimes funny characters by gamers. You can watch the video on YouTube and share your comments with us. Of course, in this video, we do not see the final version of Alden Ring’s character personalization system. As a result, the final version of character building in Elden Ring probably looks a lot better. Elden Ring game will be released on March 25 (February 25) for the mentioned platforms.

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