Leather face on Netflix’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie poster


Netflix has released a new poster for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, promising to release a trailer for it on Monday this week.

The face of a chainsaw killer psychic with an extreme penchant for chainsaws and making masks from the faces of his victims will soon return with the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and on Monday of this week we will see the release of the trailer of this horror movie. In the latest movie and TV news, we learned that Netflix is ​​directing a new poster for the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre David Blue Garcia Has released a redesigned leather face mask. The film is scheduled to air on February 18.

New look of leather face in Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster

Alvarez Feed, Texas producer Chainsaw Massacre says that although the film is a sequel to the original film Toby Hooper , But does not necessarily ignore the events of other films in the series. The 43-year-old Uruguayan producer explained: “When I talk about a straightforward sequel, I do not mean that everyone [فیلم‌های دیگر مجموعه] Ignores. When films do this, it is sometimes seen as an insult to all the other works in the series.

Some people like Texas Chainsaw 2. I like many aspects of this film. This work is very insane and ahead of its time. But the other aspects are not very interesting. “I think it’s up to you to decide when and how other movie events happen.”

Nell Hudson, Actress in the series Victoria (Victoria), Alsi FisherEighth Grade (Eighth Grade) Jacob Latimore, Detroit Movie Actor, Dunford hair, Actor of Vikings series and Mark Burnham, Starring in the Ultrasound movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. “The events of this film take place long after the original Texas Chainsaw,” Elsie Fisher said some time ago. The film follows the adventures of a group of people who set foot in the city, but things do not go according to their plans. “This film combines many important real-life issues with horror themes that I have always loved.”

Feed Alvarez, director of Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe Rudolfo ‌‌گزگز From Bad Humber Company, they are producing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series tells the story of his skinny face and cannibal family, where brutal murderers brutally kill visitors as they cross their Texas suburbs. The first film in the series was directed by Toby Hooper, the director of Poltergeist, which was released in 1974.

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A total of 8 films have been made from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre series, the last part of which, called Leatherface, was released in 2017. This horror series is named after prominent and great actors such as Matthew McConaughey، رنی زلوگر، Viggo Mortensen And Dennis Hopper Among its cast, it has sold over $ 235 million domestically so far. Legendary Pictures is responsible for the production of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which has extensive experience in producing terrifying classics.

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