Lottery boxes including NFT sold by Atari on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Atari has started selling lotto boxes containing several NFTs.

Atari was founded on June 27, 1972 and will reach its 50th anniversary in 2022. In the latest game news, it was announced that the company intends to sell GFTs for this occasion. What is GFT? NFTs that Atari claims are supposed to be suitable for giving to others. In fact, like lootboxes, the buyer does not know exactly what NFTs are in each GFT when purchasing them. He only sees a box of Atari gift paper. Then on the specified date, the GFT opens and the viewer sees what NFTs are in it. All NFTs in question are affiliated with Atari.

Republic Realm, which considers itself one of the most active teams in the NFT and Metavars ecosystem, is partnering with Atari to sell loot boxes containing NFTs. When the GFT is opened, the buyer finds out whether he has bought a regular NFT, a rare NFT or a very special NFT. The rare and very special chance of NFT coming out of the water will be five percent and one percent, respectively. Atari says people who buy four GFTs get a chance to buy another surprising GFT. Buyers will have access to servers on Discord to buy and sell their GFTs.

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Atari claims that people who buy GFTs will have access to “items in Metavars”. But he did not provide any explanation in this regard. “Atari brand and video games can not be separated from each other,” says Atari CEO. The video game experience is the backbone of Metavars. What better way than to enter a new era of technological innovation to celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary? “To pay tribute to the brand that pioneered the modern gaming industry.”

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