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Last night, the unveiling ceremony of the new Lyon-computer logo and identity was held in the presence of media people and guests from the field of technology in the Lyon-computer building in order to unveil the logo, visual identity and future plans of the Lyon-Computer complex.

“We decided to change many of our procedures to make progress in all areas, including content production,” said Ali Sadr al-Dini, Lyon Computer’s public relations manager, at the ceremony, referring to Lyon Computer’s 17th birthday celebrations.

“At first we said start in Lyon Computer, then brush on what is ideal, and this process has gotten us to where we are right now,” said Lyon Computer Public Relations.

Ali Sadr al-Dini continued by stating that in today’s world, both our customers and our competitors are becoming smarter day by day: It is true that we are in a good place, but there is always the idea that we should always strive to be the best.

“Our audience expects the same from an 18/17-year-old businessman,” he said.

Noting that we announced on the night of Yalda that a change was on the way, Sadr al-Dini considered this change as an event that led to the holding of this ceremony.

Ali Sadr al-Dini Lyon Computer Public Relations

Sadr al-Dini added: “The visual identity change of Lyon Computer after 17 years has been due to several meetings that we have designed within the Lyon Computer collection from different sides and we have come to the conclusion that we should have a basic skinning.”

Ali Sadr al-Dini, referring to the change in the visual identity of Lyon Computer, added: “This is not the only change we have promised.”

Saeed Hosseini, the founder of Lyon Computer

Saeed Hosseini, CEO and founder of Lyon Computer, was the second speaker after Sadr al-Dini.

At the beginning of his speech, he points out that we always use different clichés to talk about business, and asks the audience if they would like to talk about clichés again or to speak the truth, and the fact that everything is real is the answer that the guests of this ceremony This question is asked by the CEO of Lyon Computer.

Hosseini began his speech by stating how he started his way in the computer market and said: I entered the computer market in 1997 and it starts its winding way from this time.

The CEO of Lyon Computer pointed to the most basic methods of moving goods and goods, such as old carts, and continued: In 2004, Lyon established the computer, but in 1985, on its hard path, it reached a point where it experienced failure in its start-up business.

Saeed Hosseini continued: “In the beginning, creating a balance between costs and income had become a difficult task, and at that time, he managed the Lyon computer site alone and delivered the customers’ orders to them, and after a long time, the first person.” Employs computers in Lyon.

Hosseini continued his speech: All these pressures and difficult situation raised this question in my mind; How do I get rid of this situation? And in response to this question, it uses computer forums and forums to attract customers.

Saeed Hosseini Lyon Computer

Saeed Hosseini said: “There was no news on social media at that time, so using the relationships and friendships that were formed in different associations, Saeed Hosseini was able to find different customers for the Lyon computer store.”

The CEO of Lyon Computer stated: Saeed Hosseini set a goal for himself to reach three times his current income.

Hosseini said that currently everything from assembly to marketing and content production is 100% done by the Lyon Computer team and that he himself does not interfere in any of the work. These include media affiliated with Lyon Computer.

The CEO of Lyon Computer spoke about entering the field of production and announced the entry into the field of production at the global level and said: Now the next step for Lyon Computer is to produce products and hardware components. These products are to be produced for export and have a world-class quality.

Hamed Mohammadi, the branding consultant of Mavara Advertising Agency, stated that the two brands are in line with each other, stating that today the brand itself is a business.

The branding expert spoke about his collaboration with Lyon Computer in designing the new visual identity of the collection and expressed his satisfaction with this collaboration.

Mohammad Zarrin Strategy Experts

Mohammad Zarrin, a strategy expert, was another speaker at the event.

“Wherever we talk about computer-centric technology, the name Lyon Computer should be the first choice in the minds of the audience,” he said. Who are kind of computer savvy, people who care about the speed, fluency, and high quality of the computer, people who are up to date on hardware and software and keep up with the technology of the world.

Zarrin continued: “Our goal is to bring the Lyon computer together and create safe and enjoyable moments in the lives of people whose technology is very important in their lives and work.”

The end of the ceremony was accompanied by questions and answers from the media. In this section, Saeed Hosseini, CEO of Lyon Computer, Mohsen Parhizgar, Technical Manager of Lyon Computer, Ali Sadr al-Dini, Director of Public Relations, and Samira Entesari, Artistic Director of Lyon Computer, answered questions from the media.

Saeed Hosseini, in response to a question from a mobile news reporter about what plans Lyon Computer has for Ramzarz platforms, said: Saeed Hosseini, noting that the Lyon Computer team held the first Binocene conference in recent years, added: “Because of the various challenges in Ramzars were created in Iran, the activities of our team decreased, but Ramzars have always had a special place for us.

Group photo of Lyon PC

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