Major changes in Halo Infinite store to fix Big Team Battle mode


The Halo Infinite in-game store will host positive improvements and changes from tomorrow. Also, an update that is supposed to fix Big Team Battle mode problems will be released soon.

Many players, while enjoying the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience, take one for granted, and that is nothing but an imbalance in in-app purchases; For example, the price of some in-game store items seems very high, or some bundles, despite their price tag, are not worth buying. Now, 343 Industries is set to make major changes to the Hilo Infinite store from tomorrow, given the feedback it has received from gamers.

Jerry Hook“Since the launch of Halo Infinite, we have been closely following the discussions that have been going on among players about the in-game store and the price of its items,” said the head of 343 Industries’ design department two days ago in a tweet. Using the feedback from the player community and the data we have obtained, we decided to make a series of changes in the way items are presented and priced at Hilo Infinity. These changes will take place from the beginning of next week (due to today’s closure, the start of the Gregorian week will start tomorrow, Tuesday).

Hilo Infinite game characters

From tomorrow, Tuesday, the players’ experience of the Halo Infinite store is set to change every week. “We intend to reduce the price of some items, offer bundles that are more valuable to buy, offer a range of items that are only available in bundles individually, and other changes.” In addition, Hook points out that they want to try new things during this season so that they can understand the tastes of the players and add better things to Hilo Infinity in the future.

He urges players to continue to send feedback and share their opinions about the game. Hook also likes to see players experience the Cyber ​​Showdown, which starts tomorrow, Wednesday. We have to wait and see, for example, a $ 20 set of armor is going to sell for a few dollars lower. However, it can be said that the changes that the creators intend to make in the Halo Infinite store are very good news for the fans. In the same vein, we may see items like the Cat Ears Helmet being sold out of bundle.

  One of the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps

In addition to in-game store changes, Brian Gerrard, The public relations manager of 343 Industries recently announced on the Halo Waypoint website community that the Big Team Battle mode, which has been struggling for some time, will likely receive an update in the coming days. “This hotfix has been successfully tested and is currently awaiting confirmation from Xbox,” said Gerard. “If the update does not have a problem at this stage, we will publish it in the middle of next week (in the next few days).”

Gerrard thanked fans for their patience in releasing the update, saying all Halo Infinite players will receive five free XP Boosts and five Challenge Swaps. After the release of the mentioned update, these free items will be added to the player’s account as soon as he logs in to the game. Of course, these items are only available for free for about a month, and users should not delay receiving them.

Show the winning team after each Halo Infinite match

Gerrard also noted that 343 Industries members are working on a major patch that will be released for Halo Infinite in mid-February. He also mentioned that more details of this patch will be announced in the coming weeks. In addition, he said, they are preparing updates or programs that address a number of issues that have become a concern for Hilo Infinite gamers; Issues such as in-game economy, personalization of character armor, game ranking system, the existence of fraudsters and problems with connecting servers.

Halo Infinite is currently available on the Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC platforms. You Zomji users can finally share your opinions with us and other users.

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