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How to Make Money on YouTube with Adsense, Affiliate Program and more

YouTube is 3rd largest platform after Google and Facebook , People visit it daily. YouTube is free platform that viewers can upload and watch the videos like guiding video, sports video, you can find any kind of video in YouTube according to your needs, you can make money on YouTube with AdSense, Affiliate and many. For partnering with YouTube to get adSense you need to have 1000 subscriber plus 4000 hours watch time after that you are able to make money on YouTube with AdSense, if you are new to YouTube you will not capable to earn money due to the policy of YouTube.

When you start YouTube you need to create a channel first after that you have select a niche topic or create a valuable content whether it is a video or audio with photos then you have to do YouTube SEO( Search Engine Optimization ), at the last you can share it on other social media for getting more visitor to your channel

In here i am going to show you that how to make money on YouTube with out AdSense or from the beginning of your channel with out getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time because it takes time to complete the rule and regulation of partnering with YouTube to get AdSense. this all are cool and easy ways to make money fast 

make money on youtube

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How to Make Money on YouTube with Adsense, Affiliate Program and more

 1: Affiliate Marketing

When you do not have a product or service, It is OK.  Thought YouTube, You can promote other business ( Product or services though Affiliate Marketing). So you can start a new channel around specific niche and then find affiliate products and services that can solve a target marketing’s problem in that niche. When you start a new channel, you have to find best and quality with good price of product or equipment in Amazon, Ali BaBa, Ebay and many more online website which supplies goods and services

In YouTube you can make promote affiliate products by doing doing review and demonstrations And you can share the tools and resources you use

Most of the time you need to paste the links on the description of the videos for the promoting of the services or product

2: Ads/ Sponsorship

When you created a channel in this condition you need to have good traffic to sell ads or secure sponsorship for a YouTube video, in this way you can earn money before you qualify for the YouTube partnership program (Adsense). Getting a space or getting sponsor has good income than YouTube partner program.

When you want to get Ads or Sponsorship for any company or online website you have to introduce your self and your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel should be related to their business.

3: Sell own Products and Services

One of the great way to generate traffic for your own product or service is YouTube, by driving traffic to your website or blog though video,  you can sell your services and product by posting videos, sharing your expertise and tips , answering the comment. YouTube is so effective for home business that you can sell your products from home . many of the people prefer YouTube then website or blog for promotion of their products

4: Drive a Traffic to your Website or Personal Blog

when you have your own website or personal Blog you can drive a huge traffic to your website or blog . many of the big companies or blogger have a youtube channel for their website or blog just to post a video an transfer a visitors to their website. most of time who provides online course they upload a short video on the YouTube and submit the URL on the Description of the Video. when people like the video till will go to your website or blog though the Link you provided.


There are many ways to make money on YouTube just follow the instruction which I have Provided above this article will be completed soon wait till we complete it

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