Making A Winter’s Journey on PlayStation Dreams starring John Malkovich


Sony Pictures will release A Winter’s Journey; A work whose animations are made on the PlayStation console with Dreams.

Media Molecule Game Studio continues to support Dreams, making it bigger and better than ever before, making it a great tool for creating creative works. Dreams allow people to create animation, games, and other artwork. Now Sony Pictures has managed to buy the rights to a special movie that will be made with Dreams on the Sony PlayStation console. So, according to the latest game news and movie and TV news, Dreams Media Molecule is going to be used seriously in making a feature film for the first time.

A Winter’s Journey brings a strange cinematic experience by combining animation in Dreams and real cinematography. Not only does this work have an interesting cast, but artists are working on its visual designs that played a key role in making the acclaimed film Loving Vincent. Alex Hellorket, The White King is directing A Winter’s Journey.

The only character in Sony Pictures' A Winter's Journey, made with the PlayStation Dreams

John Malkovich، Jason Isaacs، Marcin Chernik، Alfar Dari Al-Afson، Martina Gadak And Gabriella Moran Actors in A Winter’s Journey are among them. This work, which will use new technologies, is about a poet with tangled hair who steps on a dangerous path to the heart of snow and mountains; Maybe he’ll get a chance to start over in the ice. Story in Bavaria and around 1810 AD.

A Winter’s Journey will be based on the Winterreise poetry collection, which is very popular in some parts of the world. Winterreise, which means “winter journey”, is based on a combination of songs and playing the piano. Different people have performed it many times in different places. Andrei Schoen As a baritone and Daniel Hyde As a pianist, they are involved in making A Winter’s Journey. The two work together to create a soundtrack album. Filming for A Winter’s Journey will begin in June this year in Poland.

Different shapes in the purple environment of the game Dreams

Dreams Sony Molecule Media Studio, which you can step into on the PlayStation world, is used for the first time in making feature films.

“Especially in today’s world, we need to escape to another world full of beauty,” says Hellorket, director of A Winter’s Journey; A world full of music that does not lose its value over time and is always audible. We are lucky to be able to work with some of the best actors, artists and musicians in the world. “We could not have found a better collaboration than Sony Pictures Classics to get our film to a diverse audience.”

“We have never seen a project like A Winter’s Journey; A work that wants to combine world-class filmmaking with extraordinary painting techniques and put one of the greatest songs in the history of music at their heart. “The audience is happy to embrace this unique cinematic experience.”

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