Making Godzilla series for Apple Network; Expand the monster world


Legendary has announced the making of the Godzilla series for the Apple TV Plus network, which will focus on the Godzilla movie after the events.

According to the latest Movie and TV news, Godzilla and the Titans will come to the world of television. Legendary has announced an agreement with Apple TV Plus to make an adaptation of Godzilla and the Titans and bring the Monster series to the world of television. According to Apple, Chris Black, The author of Star Trek: Enterprise and Outcast series as a Chevroner in the live-action series without Godzilla and is with him Matt Fraction, Author of hockey comics, Joby Harold, Tori Tunnel, Hiro Matsuka and Takamasa Arita He will also appear as an executive producer on the Godzilla series.

The events of the Godzilla series take place after the events of the battle between Godzilla and the Titans in San Francisco, which destroyed a large part of the city. People are now confronted with the shocking fact that monsters are real, and Godzilla’s series focuses on a family embarking on a journey and adventure to uncover hidden secrets and a legacy linked to the monarch’s secret organization. No further details are available at this time, including the cast or when Godzilla will begin production.

Godzilla roars Godzilla 2014

The Monsterverse series began with the release of Godzilla in 2014, and expanded in 2017 with Kong: Skull Island, and then in 2019 with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Then the movie Godzilla Vs. Kong was released in theaters and on HBO Max in 2020, marking the end of the legendary contract with Warner Bros. Legendary is currently making a Skull Island anime for Netflix and has not decided to sign an exclusive contract with the company as before.

Legendary is also looking to make more films from the Monsterverse series, with Apple and Netflix reportedly also interested in making films based on King Kung and Godzilla. Apple TV Plus started its work in 2019 with a monthly subscription of $ 5, which includes the series’ major and current series: See, Servant, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Foundation and Ted Lasso. Cited.

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