Making Red Notice 2 and 3 for Netflix; The return of Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gol Gadot


Netflix has officially given the go-ahead for the second and third installments of Red Notice. The two episodes are expected to be filmed in a row.

The movie Red Notice aired on Netflix in November this year, and although it received mediocre and weak reviews, it was well received by the users of this streaming service. Now In the latest Movie and TV newsThe making of two sequels to the action comedy has been confirmed and announced. According to Deadline, Netflix has not only confirmed the production of Red Notice 2, but Red Notice 3 is also under construction.

Red Announcement has now become Netflix’s largest number of viewers in terms of viewership, and now this success has led Netflix to give the green light to make two sequels of this action comedy movie at the same time. Deadline says the next two episodes of Red Notice are expected to be filmed and produced in a row. Filming and production are expected to begin in early 2023. Also as expected Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gol Gadot They will return for a re-enactment in the next two episodes of Red Announcement.

In addition, he is responsible for directing and writing the screenplays for Red Notice 2 and 3 Rawson Marshall Terber, He will direct Red Notice. No further details are available at this time, but Deadline says new characters are being added to the two episodes, with the cast described in two sequels to the film, similar to the star-studded Oceans Eleven series.

According to Netflix, users of the network watched Red Notice 328.8 million hours in its first month of release to break the Bird Box movie comedy record with 282 million hours of first-time viewing. The movie Red Announcement is still among the 10 most watched Netflix movies in 94 countries. Marshall Treber also co-directed The Division with Netflix.

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