Michael Keaton talks about leaving the role of Batman


In a new interview, Michael Keaton talks about the difference in his attitude with Joel Schumacher towards the Batman Forever story and his departure from the project.

coming back Michael Keaton The role of Batman in the new Flash movie and Batgirl movie is one of the most fascinating events for comic book fans. In the latest movie and TV news, Keaton in his latest interview about his reason for not cooperating with Joel Schumacher He has spoken about his role in the movie Batman Forever.

Keaton noted in the interview that his views differed from his own Joel Schumacher (Director) Due to the fictional atmosphere of the Batman Forever project, it separates him from the production process of the film and, consequently, the end of his Batman era. In an interview with The Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast, Keaton said:

“Bruce Wayne has always attracted me to this role; No Batman. I knew the name of this movie was Batman, and that’s what makes us stand out with such an iconic and cool work. Even when Tim Burton was directing, we were faced with a symbolic work of art. I knew from the beginning that all the charms of the project for me were Bruce Wayne, and of course I was not talking about it. Batman, Batman, Batman does something. And I thought to myself, you [تیم تولید Batman Forever] You have a misconception about Batman.

Bruce Wayne. “It’s important how Bruce Wayne is a person and who is found to do such things.”

Michael Keaton

Keaton goes on to cite part of his conversation with Schumacher. A theme that highlights the difference in Keaton and Schumacher’s attitudes toward Batman’s stories and characters:

«[کیتون درحال نقل قول از شوماخر] I do not understand why everything about Batman should be dark and sad? And I [کیتون] In response, I told him that so far [کمیک‌های] “Did you read Batman? … I mean … very simple!”

To summarize his views on the project and Schumacher’s views on Batman characters and stories, Keaton said, “I can not do it at all!” He finishes his speech.

Michael Keaton will return to play Batman in the Flash and Betgirl movies. The Flash movie is scheduled for release on November 4, 2022 (November 4, 1401).

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