Mistborn Author: I had to write the story of Alden Ring


Author of Mistborn novel from George’s unfamiliarity. ر .آر. Martin spoke to the video game world and regretted not being selected as the author of the Elden Ring game story.

In the latest game news, Brendan Sanderson, best known for writing Mistborn’s acclaimed novel series, had an interesting talk about Alden Ring. During a performance of his Intentionally Blank podcast, he complained that George RR Martin (creator of A Song of Ice and Fire and co-author of Elden Ring) was unfamiliar with video games because he was not selected for Author Alden Ring reacted. In Sanderson’s speech we read:

“Framasoftor decides to make a fantasy game and goes for an experienced fantasy novelist. it’s true? And instead of looking for someone who has experienced all of the company’s work since King’s Field (Sanderson refers to himself), they hired someone who writes only about the NFL during the day (referring to Martin). ).

If you do not know what is going on, I have to tell you that FramSoftware went to A Song of Ice and Fire to make a fantasy game, and I told myself that George is not familiar with my video game at all. He does not play video games at all and has no knowledge of video games. “But well, it finally happened.”

A few horses in the Elden Ring game environment

George R.R.M. Martin, best known for writing Game of Thrones, wrote and directed the creation of the world and the mythology of Elden Ring. Hidtaka Miyazaki Participated. Martin is said to have collaborated with Framesoftor on the foundation of the Old World Ring.

Fram Software, which has now completed production of Alden Ring, is set to release the game on February 25; Play on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | It will be Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC. The development team said that Elden Ring is less likely to put anxious content in front of gamers than previous Framesoft games, and will have about 30 hours of gameplay. If you want more with how George R. Collaborates. R. Meet the Japanese studio FromSoftware, a study by Hudtaka Miyazaki; From Sources of Inspiration to Differences with Dark Souls.

what is your opinion? Is Martin a good choice for writing Alden Ring? Write your opinion about Sanderson’s works and his new speeches for Zomji.

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