Modeling a horror novel in the design of Batman’s Batmobile movie


According to Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, Batman’s car is inspired by a Designed by the famous horror novel.

The mobile car is one of Batman’s main vehicles, which can vary slightly based on the manufacturers’ personal perceptions. So far, various designs of Batman car have been made in live-action adaptations, each of which has somehow attracted the attention of fans. So The Batman is no exception and is set to show a unique version of the Dark Knight Machine in Batman.

Now Matt Reeves in a new interview with Empire magazine Arranged and unveiled an unexpected adaptation source that inspired the design of the car in The Batman. Horror novel Christine by Stephen King is one of the most famous works of this American author, which tells the story of a captured car (a 1958 Plymouth Fury car) that is dominated by supernatural forces. In 1983, the film Christine Made and screened.

Now Reeves Batmobile in the movie He compares The Batman to the conquered car of King’s novel: “The car must suddenly appear from the shadows to frighten the enemies. That’s why I thought to myself that maybe it could be similar to Christine’s story Stephen King. I liked the idea that the car itself was one of the horror elements of the film. A car that looks like an animal and can scare the people Batman is looking for.»

Bat Batman Movie The Batman

During the DC FanDome 2020 event, Matt Reeves shared some interesting details of his adaptation of Batman stories with fans, which also referred to Batmobile in part: “When you delve deep into the idea of ​​designing this car, you will see that the connection There is a meaning between it and the way the Dark Knight is personified. “This version of Batmobile is actually something made by a different Batman character in the film.”

With that in mind, the Batman car’s comparison to Christine’s car looks very interesting; Because there is a certain dichotomy in the design of the car. In fact, given the car’s similarity to muskets, there are certain elements in how it is designed that distinguish it. So The Batman movie’s is a clever combination of real and almost supernatural elements that make Batman’s car one of the scary features of The Batman movie.

Batman car in The Batman movie

Robert Pattinson As Bruce Wayne (Batman), زAnd Kravitz As Selena Kyle (Katowoman), Jeffrey Wright In the role of Commissioner James Gordon, Paul Dino In the role of Riddler, Andy Sarkis As Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell In the role of a penguin, Peter Sarsgaard As Jill Coulson, John Torturo In the role of Carmine Falcon, Barry Kyogen In the role of Stanley Merkel and Jimmy Lawson In the role of Bella Real, they are among the actors who have appeared in the movie The Batman and have played roles.

The Batman movie is scheduled to be released on March 4 (March 4). Batman is also scheduled to be added to the HBO Max network 46 days after its release on April 19, 2022 (April 30, 1401).

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