More games added to Netflix service in the near future


New mobile games will be added to the Netflix sharing service soon.

Yesterday, Netflix announced the signing of a new agreement to add a number of new mobile games to the mobile games segment. Earlier in July, the company announced in its financial report its intention to enter the video and mobile game industry.

Under the new deal, a number of RocketRide Games Studios mobile games will be available to Netflix users in the coming months. The announcement comes as Dominoes Cafe and Knittens, the studio’s most popular games, were added to Netflix Games’ limited list of games in December last year.

Founded in 2017 by former members of Hibernum Studios, RocketRide Games, a Canadian studio, has raised more than $ 78 million over the past two years by signing 45 contracts with major publishers in various digital industries.

“Everyone at the studio is proud of this new partnership with Netflix,” said Lewis Eckler, managing director of the newly established studio. “The fact that we can bring these games to millions of Netflix users is a great opportunity for Rectride Games and all game studios around the world.”

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There are currently 12 different games available from different publishers for the Netflix app for smartphones, and these games do not include any in-app promotions or payments. Users can access all of these games from the new Games tab on the Netflix app on the Android and iOS platforms.

According to reports, most of these games can be played offline, and some of these games also support conventional game controllers. Netflix also promises to improve the side features of these games in the future.

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