MSI has introduced the H670, B660 and H610 motherboards


[تایپه، تایوان] The beginning of the new year is accompanied by extraordinary news. MSI has introduced the latest H670, B660 and H610 series motherboards that everyone has been looking for since the introduction of 12th generation Intel processors.

After positive feedback and praise from various MSI critics last year for the Z690 motherboards, now it’s the turn of the B660 series motherboards to show themselves. The two strengths of the B660 series motherboards are their affordable price and very high performance. But what other attractions draw attention to MSI B660 motherboards?

As we have promised our fans and users, MSI has made every effort to provide a wide range of hardware for different users. For the latest platform, MSI has introduced two divisions, MAG and PRO, and most of them have been released in both DDR4 and DDR5 versions. Overclocking frequency on MSI B660 DDR5 motherboards can be increased up to 6200 MHz with the help of MSI OC LAB tuning and MSI Memory Boost. All MSI B660 series motherboards support PCIe 4.0, which provides a transfer bandwidth of up to 64 GB / s. MSI MAG B660 motherboards are equipped with a maximum of 12 phases of DrMOS with Duet Rail Power System system and with 6 layers of PCB with 2 ounces of copper, ensure the stability of the current sent to the processor cores.

In terms of storage ports, the AT6-style B660 series motherboards can have up to 3 fourth-generation M.2 slots, which can transfer files at 64 Gbps. Due to changing user needs, the MSI B660 motherboards now have USB Type-C ports for connecting the back and front of the system. As for the network, these motherboards are equipped with 2.5G LAN port and Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6E can also be used on DDR5 motherboards in this series.

Due to the very high specifications and strong power transmission design, heat dissipation solution plays an important role in maintaining the high efficiency of these products. MSI motherboards use various heatsink designs, including Extended Heatsink and Frozr M.2 Shield, as well as MSI’s proprietary Frozr AI Cooling software. If you are looking for a motherboard that meets all your needs, MSI B660 motherboards can definitely be an important option in your list of choices.

For users who are self-employed in building and assembling the system, the ease of the assembly process is important. In addition, the B660 platforms are an ideal choice for tech but novice users, so MSI has incorporated a variety of build solutions that have received positive feedback from older users. These motherboards are pre-installed with I / O shields and EZ M.2 clamps, which facilitate the installation of M.2 SSDs. These solutions help the user in the manufacturing process. Another point is that all MSI B660 motherboards support TPM 2.0 for the latest version of Windows operating system (Windows 11). Using the latest core processors, the latest motherboards and the latest operating system makes for a great computer experience.

In addition to the B660 platforms, MSI has also introduced the MAG H670 TOMAHAWK WIFI DDR4 motherboard. This motherboard uses 14-phase DrMOS with Duet Rail Power system and 8-pin dual connector for power. It also has 3 M.2 slots with Shield Frozr. In this product, the possibility of transferring files with maximum speed is provided. The motherboard is also equipped with a 2.5G network port and Wi-Fi6, along with Lightning USB 20G Type-C, which has become one of the best choices for new processors.

MSI provides optimized solutions for both gamers and business users. If you are planning to build a PC for business or everyday use, you should also check out the MSI H610 motherboards. MSI has introduced the PRO H610 motherboards with support for PCIe Gen4 slots. Considering that PRO series users may be unfamiliar with the manufacturing process and system assembly, the PRO H610 motherboards use Steel Armor and EZ M.2 clamps to make the manufacturing process easier. Although these motherboards do not support memory overclocking, the specifications of these motherboards cover most of the users’ needs. These series of products can be your best companion at work, watching videos and training at home.

For more details, please check the MSI site information.

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