Neil Drakeman’s excitement to introduce some of Nate Dogg’s games


At Sony’s CES 2022 conference, Neil Drakeman emphasized that Nate Dogg’s game development studio is currently working on several games.

Sony recently hosted a conference at CES 2022, which you can watch on Sony’s official YouTube channel. this year Jim Ryan, CEO and Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, unveiled the Horizon Call of the Mountain game for the PlayStation VR 2. But he was not the only PlayStation representative at the conference. Because Neil Drakeman, We also saw one of the two bosses Nate Dogg at the conference. He reiterated that several games were being made in the studio.

After commenting on Uncharted and expressing his excitement for more information about The Last of Us, he sent a text message to fans of Sony’s Nate Dogg studio: “We have [از صبر] “We’re going to share more information about some of our Nate Dogg games being made.”

Drakeman has not yet said exactly what these games are. But we do know that Nate Dogg is working on a major multiplayer online game in the world, The Last of Us, and according to a Bloomberg report a few months ago, the remake of The Last of Us will apparently be released for the PlayStation 5 console. But other rumors have it that Drakeman is probably working on a new game in the new series at the same time, and even in the on-page description. twitter He described himself as the creator of “THAT future game”.

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