Netflix Cuphead animated trailer released; Announce the release date


Netflix has released a new trailer for The Cuphead Show. Also, the release date of this animated series has been specified.

In the latest Movie and TV news, A new trailer of The Cuphead Show animation has been released. This trailer is actually the official trailer of the Cuphead animation, in which we travel to the world of animation and see some of the events of the Cape series. As expected, like Cuphead, The Cuphead Show is made in the style of classic animation, and also during the trailer of the evil character Ms. Chalice is present and we are going to see this character in the DLC of Cappadocia. You can watch this trailer below:

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The Cuphead Show animation will also air on Netflix on February 18. Caped series has been produced in 12 episodes. In addition, Netflix has released the Cuphead animated poster, which you can see below:

Poster for the first season of The Cuphead Show

Jared and Chad Muldenhauer Who are in charge of making the Cappadocia game, have also returned to make the series The Cuphead Show. True Valentino In the role of Cappadocia, Frank Todaro In the role of Magman, Luke Millington-Drake In the role of Doyle, جو هانا In the role of Alder Cattell, Wayne Brady In the role of King Dice, Jim Conroy In the first role of Balb and Gary Griffin In the role of Ms. Chalice is one of the actors who has appeared as a voice actor in the animated series The Cuphead Show.

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