Netflix monthly subscription price increase again


Netflix monthly subscription prices have risen again.

From 2014 until today, Netflix online network has increased its subscription price 6 times. Now, according to the latest movie and TV news, the Standard subscription, previously priced at $ 14, has reached $ 15.5, and the Premium subscription, previously priced at $ 18, now costs $ 20 a month. Basic subscriptions are still priced at $ 10 per month. Almost every two years we see a one or two dollar increase in the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Explaining the re-increase in price, Netflix said: “We have increased the cost of the subscription so that we can continue to offer a wide variety of entertaining and high-quality entries. “As always, we offer multiple subscriptions so subscribers can choose the subscription that fits their budget.” In a Basic subscription, you can only use Netflix on one device at a time and do not have access to HD quality.

In Standard subscription, you can use two devices at the same time with your account, and you can also access HD quality. Finally, there is the Premium subscription with a monthly price of $ 19.99, which allows the user to use 4 devices simultaneously and watch different works in 4K quality. A few years ago, one of the biggest attractions of a shared service like Netflix for audiences in some countries was that it reduced costs significantly.

Because the viewer paid the subscription fee for, say, $ 8.99 for the best Netflix subscription, instead of paying for a multi-cable network subscription. Now the situation is different. Not only is the cost of subscribing to Netflix service seem higher than before, but the number of shared stream-based online networks has also increased significantly. Apple TV Plus, Paramount Plus, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock Network and Hulu Network are just some of the streaming services known today.

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