New Android 9 Pie 2019: All New Features In Details – Everything You Need To Know

Samsung has introduced Android pie 9. Download the new operating system to your Device, operate and enjoy the new look on your screens. With an eye to Android 6 the new Android Pie 9 is more developed in the case of Adaptive battery, Dark mode, Navigation, App actions, App timer, Adaptive brightness, Accessibility menu, Easier text selections and more.

However, The android customers long waited period is over owning to the fact that Android pie 9 is giving a new chapter to look in the screen however Android Pie 9 is not as satisfactory as expected. Therefore, Apple changes its operating system ( iOS )  annually by means of new features and developments, but if we look in the case of Android operating system, it rarely bring changes to its operating system. Some new features of Android pie 9 are explained below.

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Other companies using Android 9 Pie

Here are some other companies using android operating system. they can easily update their operating system and enjoy the new features of android 9 Pie. HMD Global ( Nokia ), ASUS, ESSENTIAL PHONES, GOOGLE, HONOR, HTC, HUAWAIE, LG, ONE PLUS, OPPO, RAZER, VIVO, SONY, XIAOMI AND ZTE are the companies which can operate with in android 9 pie.

android 9 pie
Photo Source: Samsung.com

Adaptive Battery
Adaptive battery feature is a new and excellent improvement to Android 9 Pie where the frequently used apps are being hibernated for the reason that battery life is being extended. The particular feature can be enabled by defaults in settings. Setting>> Battery>> Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery

Source: img.gadgethacks.com

Dark Mode
The normal them is ordinary now, Android 9 Pie is introducing the new them named “ Dark Mode “.

Over all Dark mode gives a new look to the hole system along the lines of text messages, key touch, keyboard, Home screen and moreover. Settings> System> Display> Advanced> Device them> Dark


sources: iPhone-droid.net

Gesture Navigation
Now put behind the old Back, Home, Recent buttons and welcome the new single bar that supports gestures navigation in a very smooth and easy way.

  •   Go home by tapping the new pill shaped home button
  •   Open your app drawer by whipping up twice the home button
  •   To view recent apps, swipe up on the home button
  •   To open an app, swipe right and hold the home button to scroll between apps & release to open one app in the middle
  •   For switching to previous app, swipe right quickly and release
  •   Press and hold the home button for google assistant

Gesture Navigation

Sources: icdn7.digitaltrends.com

App Action

This feature is very similar with shortcut and most searched items, simply by long pressing an icon we r being abled to chose the apps or any item. If we insert the headphone a list of most played or recent played songs will automatically appear on the screen. Or it will suggest to call your mom as u have done every day.

App action

Sources: icdn1.digitaltrends.com

App Timer

One another fantastic feature of android pie is the app timer which enable us to set a particular and specific time for each apps we are interested to use however when the time is over the App timer will gray that particular app to insure that the time has reached its limit and there for u can not use the application. This feature is an excellent option for those who wants to limit their time while using social media or any other application installed in smartphones.

App timer
Sources: icdn1.digitaltrends.com

Adaptive Brightness

Now android is smarter and more developed specially in the view of brightness. Android pie smartphones now adapt and adjust the brightness automatically in the nature of different applications, various environment and any time of the day and night.

This setting is now available to the Quick setting drop down menu.

Adaptive Brightness

Source: androidpolice.com


The slice feature now enable us to witness more and more information while searching for a product, services and more. While searching the Uber in the google search app all the details about uber, its services and pricing well appear and we can easily swipe right to order and Uber from current destination to office, home or any where we want.


source: blog.google.com

Easier Text Selection

As many android users often face difficulty while selecting any paragraph, words or names but android pie has mad it easier in satisfactory manner for its users.

Easier text selection

source: .techrepublic.com

New Screen Shot

Android pie has made it very simple and easy to take screen shots, simply by pressing button and selecting the last option which is to take screen shots unlike prior complex screen shot.

Press power button >> screen shot


 Source: androidcentral.com

Home Button

This is the coolest home-button android has ever designed for an operating system, its far more beautiful comparing to preceding home buttons which is pill aligned shaped horizontally.

Home button

Source: icdn7.digitaltrends.com

Notification Details

Setting> Apps and notifications> Notification you can see the most recent apps to send you notifications and the applications that send u distracting notifications the most anyway.

Notification details

Source: icdn7.digitaltrends.com


Dashboard shows how much time we spend using our android smartphone and brings information data into more comprehensive way.

  •   A pie chart to indicate the time spend on apps everyday by hour
  •   The number of times we lock and unlock our devices
  •   Also the total of all notifications we receive
  •   The number of hours we spend on using our devices


Source: i1.wp.com


if customers face any kind of problem while using the operating system, face buckets or may your device stuck in the process subsequent to new updates all the problems and buckets will be resolved, no worries at all. 


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