New details of Alden Ring revealed in the game’s age category


In the short time remaining until the release of the Elden Ring, the ESRB began to age the game and at the same time reveal some interesting things about its harsh weather.

Fans can finally get Elden Ring, the newest game, after years of waiting less than two months Hidtaka Miyazaki To experience; A game that, like the Dark Souls series and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, has become one of the most anticipated video games for many gamers in recent years. As we approach the release date of Alden Ring, the ESRB has begun to age the world of this action-role-playing game. From the information posted on the Old Ring page on the ESRB website, we can be sure that Miyazaki’s latest work, like his previous works, has harsh and bloody details.

One of the things that catches the eye on the ESRB Alden Ring page is the game’s collectible items, which include items such as a finger and a truncated tongue. Of course, it does not explain where and how the player obtains these items. But apparently the gamer is going to get a lot of these horrible items and carry them with him. For those unfamiliar with Japanese studio games Fram Software, the presence of these items in the game may seem a little strange and unusual. But for those players who have experienced the Dark Souls series, the presence of weird and sometimes multiplayer items in the game will probably be normal.

Elden Ring game environment

This is not the end of the story. For example, the ESRB notes that in the Alden Ring, “one of the basses cuts off his hand” and that “cut arms are hung from the ceiling.” In the Elden Ring story trailer, we also saw one of the characters reattach his severed arm to his body. For this reason, the presence of arms that can be detached and reconnected to the body may be an important story element or even a gameplay mechanic. We also know that Sciro’s protagonist’s artificial hand played an important role in that game.

In any case, we have to wait and see if the severed arms are really going to be introduced as an important element in the old ring or if these items are included in the game just to create a terrifying atmosphere. Another thing that the ESRB points out is that one of the monster-like monsters appears almost naked in front of the player and there are scars and scales on his body.

Also in Alden Ring dialogues, relatively common words are often used to curse or express dissatisfaction. Interestingly, the ESRB sees this as one of the reasons why the new Framasoft game is gaining an age-appropriate adult rating. While Alden Ring is a very violent game, someone who immerses himself in its challenging world probably does not care if the main character speaks politely or not.

Elden Ring game on February 25 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X | The Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC will be released.

At the end, you Zomji users can share your opinions about Alden Ring and the items mentioned above with us.

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