New feature for analog controller in Sony’s new patent


Sony has filed a new patent that allows the user to increase or decrease the height of the controller analogs if it reaches the implementation stage.

According to the latest game news, Sony has filed a new patent that allows the user to adjust the height of the analog controller. In fact, the main purpose of this patent is to design a flexible and adjustable analog that does not remain in place and the user can shorten or lengthen it according to his preference. The description of this commercial idea states that “the analog head and its body can easily rotate around a central axis and into the body of the controller, and thus the analog can be inserted into the body of the controller or taken out.”

The initial date of the patent shows that Sony apparently filed for registration for the first time in August this year. However, the date of publication of the patent and its placement on the Patentscope2 website dates back to a few days ago. Of course, Sony’s new design does not necessarily mean that they are building a new model of Dual Sense controller for the PlayStation 5, because in many cases the idea of ​​patents does not come true or companies do not intend to use this idea at the moment and only They register to protect the property.

The Dual Sense controller already has many technological and innovative features with features such as sensitive triggers and touch feedback. However, if Sony plans to launch its new patent in the ninth generation and the PlayStation 5 era, we can say that we have to wait for the production of a new series of dual-versions that, in addition to their basic capabilities, have another useful feature. They are for analogues. Finally, you can see the images that have been published from the mentioned patent.

What do you think about Sony’s recent patent for height-adjusting analogs? Do you think that’s a good idea? Let us know what you think.

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