New information on very high image quality on PlayStation VR 2


According to a new report, the image quality of the PlayStation VR 2 is more than twice that of the Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

Ross YoungThe Sony PlayStation VR2 with dual panels in 2000 by 2040 achieves stunning image quality of “more than 800 pixels per inch for each eye”, said the CEO of DSCC (Screen Supply Chain Consultants). By comparison, the PlayStation VR headset with “386 pixels per inch for two eyes” or “193 pixels per inch for each eye” takes the audience into the world of virtual reality. So the video quality of PS VR2 is more than 4 times better than the first PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation VR 2 is apparently the best virtual reality headset in the world to date in terms of “number of pixels per inch for each eye”

This technical achievement will catch your eye when, according to Android Central Media, the image quality of the Quest 2 virtual reality headset does not exceed “300 pixels per inch for each eye”. However, the field of view of Sony PlayStation VR 2 will be 20 degrees higher than Quest 2. All reports indicate that Sony has not stopped offering an acceptable VR headset at all, and apparently wants to present one of the best products in the virtual reality market to date.

The PS VR2 headset has a quality of “more than 800 pixels per inch for each eye” so you do not really see the pixels when using it. In fact, the quality in question makes the PlayStation VR 2 the best virtual reality headset on the market today.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Sense Handles PS5 Console

Unlike the PSVR headset, which has multiple wires and does not work without a separate camera, the PlayStation VR2 will be very easy to use. This virtual reality headset does not require a separate camera and only connects to the PlayStation 5 console USB-C port with a single wire. Cameras on the headset can track your hands and controllers. Not only do you only need to connect to the PS5 with a single wire each time you use it, but with the processing power of Sony’s 9th generation console you can see high quality images on your advanced virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the world of different games.

Guerrilla Studios and Firesprite Studios, both owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, are now working on Horizon: Call of the Mountain for the PlayStation VR 2. Must see the PlayStation Studios teams at the helm Herman Holst When will the official introduction of another exclusive PlayStation VR2 game be officially announced?

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