New Sifu game trailer with a focus on sound and music


The new trailer of Sifu game depicts the process of making music and sound of the game.

In the latest game news, a new trailer of Sifu game has been released, in which we see the process of making music and the sound process of this work. Find out the Sloclap team for composing Sifu Hawaii Lee (Howee Lee) has left China. Lee is an electronics musician, and the production of Sifo’s music album is his biggest music project.

In this video, we see that Lee has used both traditional Chinese music and electronic music to compose Sifu for composing Sifu. In previous plays of Sifo, we have seen that music is one of the most important elements of creating a sense of tension to participate in the struggles of this work. Along with the music, the sound of the game also has a great effect on conveying the feeling of hitting the blows and creating a sense of being in the fights, and the trailer in question also addresses this issue.

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Sifo game will be released on February 8 (February 7) for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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