Nintendo has blocked more than 1,300 videos on YouTube for copyright infringement


According to YouTubers, Nintendo has blocked over 1,300 videos in the past few days that used the company’s gaming music due to copyright infringement.

GilvaSunner YouTube Channel With nearly half a million followers, it claims in a message that Nintendo is blocking videos that use the company’s gaming music. These games include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess And Super Mario Galaxy and more. YouTuber also revealed in 2019 that Japan’s Nintendo had sent a warning to delete his videos, but it seems that it took several years for the company to remove most of his channel videos.

At the time of writing, Super Mario Sunshine soundtrack seems to be an exception. GilvaSunner also stated in 2020, “Let me explain that I do not monetize these videos and I do not receive any benefit from increasing its views. “I understand, of course, that this does not justify uploading their content.”

“By the way, I was not at all angry or surprised that Nintendo did that, but I find it a little disappointing that there is almost no alternative,” he said. If Nintendo thinks it’s necessary to teach others a lesson, it can delete my channel altogether. “In any case, this content belongs to them.”

Block videos containing Nintendo content

Nintendo already has a history of deleting and shutting down various YouTube channels due to copyright infringement. This process continued until the end of the Nintendo Creators Program Designed and developed to ensure that videos that contain the content of the company’s games were verified.

However, the Japanese company later stopped the program and announced that it would now give more freedom to content creators to use Nintendo games in their videos, but adopted strict instructions for this purpose.

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