Nvidia unveils DLDSR technology; AMD Super Resolution Competitor


With the official introduction of Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology, Nvidia announced the release of the relevant drivers on January 15th.

AMD at CES 2022 new RSR feature Or Radeon Super Resolution Unveiled its high-resolution technology and then announced that users will have access to this feature on an unknown date from the first quarter of this year. Technology AMD’s FSR allows you to upgrade game images without relying on the software features of the game developers.

Meanwhile, Nvidia Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology Or in short Develops DLDSR in response to AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology and launches it for all NVIDIA RTX GPU owners. DLDSR technology It’s actually an upgraded version of the scale adjustment feature DSR Or Dynamic Super Resolution That is now a long time through the drivers GeForce Available to users. Excellence DLDSR over DSR It comes back to the addition of a layer based on artificial intelligence through Nvidia tensor cores. this means DLDSR For GPUs It will be NVIDIA RTX.

Performance of Nvidia DLDSR technology in Prey game remaster

The text of Nvidia’s official announcement reads: “Game Ready Driver update Dated January 14, to update the feature DSR It works with artificial intelligence. Technology DLDSR allows you to render game images in higher resolution and better quality before the game output images are intelligently reduced to the resolution of your monitor. This feature leads to increased detail, improved quality and correction of vibrations and decreased quality of textures at the edges of objects in the game environment.

Actually DLDSR By adding an artificial intelligence network that requires fewer input pixels, it improves image quality DLDSR 2.25X With mode DSR 4X It is comparable and the performance of the system is much better. Thanks to the use of tensor cores, DLDSR On most games on GPUs RTX “Nvidia runs, it can be used.”

Nvidia control panel

Nvidia has announced a partnership with another popular gadget called ReShade. Hence, the Green team in their proprietary GeForce Experience tool a new proprietary filter called ReShare FreeStyle Adds that the capabilities provided are as follows:

  • SSRTGI or Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination capability

The SSRTGI feature, commonly known as the Ray Tracing ReShade filter, improves the processing and display of lighting and shadows in the game environment, giving the viewer a natural and better sense of depth.

  • SSAO or Screen Space Ambient Occlusion capability

This feature places more emphasis on shadows that appear near the intersection of three-dimensional objects. Especially in low light and indoor environments where processing becomes more difficult.

  • Dynamic Depth of Field capability

Dynamic DOF feature Depending on how close the objects are to the scene, it creates a kind of bokeh-style blur in closer objects to give the viewer a more cinematic feel. You can combine features DLDSR and SSRTGI From the remastered experience of classic games like Enjoy prey to the fullest.

Both of these new features will be available to users through the next update of Nvidia drivers, which will be released on January 14 (January 24). In the end, you can share your opinions about this with Zomji and other users.

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