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How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS? (macOS Ventura, Monterey)

In this article we are going to show you how to open bitlocker on mac, many of you face this problem on MacOS or Mac OS X.  when you carry a flash drive or SD card drive full of data with you and it is too important for you. Although, you are a windows user and your boss has a Mac so what would you do? Hereby, we are going to show you how you can open an encrypted hard drive or flash drive on mac and which tools you need.

Here, you can find the the third party tool that helps you to have access to the bitlocker encrypted drive, one of them are MacOS Bitlocer Reader software which is compatible with mac OS x and other version of mac. This software will help you to unlock the storage drive like USB flash drive, Hard Disk Drive and SD Card. The most popular file system like NTFS, exFAT and FAT32 can be supported by this software.

Bitlocker encrypted

What is Bitlocker?

Bitlocker is a disk encryption utility on windows that products an entire disk from unauthorized access by adding a password to it.  However, the Bitlocker was made or designed for windows only to but some times when you want to open the encrypted drive or flash drive on a Mac, you might face a problem because the Bitlocker is not for MacOS or Mac OS X. So you need some tools to use or install on your Mac to open the encryption drive.

How Bitlocker Loader or Reader Works on Mac

By the help of the Bitlocker Reader software you can open the encrypted drive on the mac as same like windows, when you open the Hard Disk Drive, USB Flash Drive, SD Card and many more, you are able to to Read, Write or download the files from them by the password or the recovery key on the Mac. 

Secure and No lose of Data

This software is third party that play a role between you and your mac operating system. here, the data will be not lost and it is full secure to read, write and download your data from it. However, when you do not enter the password or the key, you will not get the data from it.

Two Ways to Unlock The Bitlocker Driver

There is 2 way to unlock the macOs Bitlocker Genius. First, you can type the password which is given to the drive and you will have the access to open it. Second, you can enter to recovery key to open the Bitlocker Drive to have access to it.

How to use Open Bitlocker  Encrypted Drive/ USB Flash Drive/ SD Card on Mac

You need to follow steps by steps to open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive/USB Fash Drive and SD Card on MacOS or Mac OS X computer to read, write and download the data from Bitlocker.

Step 1. You have to download the Bitlocker Genius on your Mac Computer.

Step 2. Now you need to double click on application and finish the installation process. 

open bitlocker on mac

Step 3. Here, you can insert the hard disk, USB Flash and SD Card to the Mac. When you insert the drive into your computer the new window will be open then click on ignore

how to open flash drive on mac

Step 4. in this step you need to select the locked USB or hard disk drive

Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

After that click on the unlock option above 

Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

Step 5.  You can enter the password or the recovery key to open the Bitlocker to have access to data then click on Mount

Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

Step 6. However, you can see the drive has been unlocked and it is ready to use after click on unlocked from disk2s1 then click on Eject because it will help your data is secured and safe

Now you can read,write and download the data from the drive on your mac OS or macOS x 

Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS


Hereby, It was an easy way to unlock the flash drive or hard disk drive and SD card by Bitlocker on mac, if you forgot the password, you can not be able to have access the data in free version of Bitlocker. an other way is to purchase the Bitlocker then you will have access to recovery key after that you can open the disk.

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