Passed Inscryption game sales of over one million copies


Diwali Digital has officially announced that sales of Inscryption have exceeded one million copies.

The success of good independent games can always be promising and joyful. Because it shows that if a valuable video game catches the attention of gamers, they will want to buy and experience the effect. Now play Inscryption Daniel Mullins Recognizing Devolver Digital as a publisher, it has achieved considerable success. In the latest game news, it was officially announced that Inscryption has sold more than one million copies.

Mullins, who also plays Pony Island and The Hex, was able to offer a special and different experience to many gamers thanks to the release of Inscryption. To better understand the huge sales of one million copies of this game, remember that Inscryption was released less than three months ago and is only available on the PC platform. According to, this work has won 6 top game awards of the year to date.

Fight in the red room in the game Inscryption

As Inscryption expands with a new demo mode, people on Steam have shown incredible reactions to the $ 19.99 game. In total, more than 48,000 popular reviews have been recorded on Steam for Inscryption, and about 97% of them are positive. Many users have fallen in love with the game’s creativity in combining horror and rug-like gameplay with puzzles.

Zomji gave the work in question a score of 8.5 out of 10 and wrote in the review of Inscryption game review: “Inscryption is one of those different and unique games that because of this special and distinctive, its experience is very sweet. Combining card style with rogue-like elements and adding lots of fine details that make the Inscryption experience different each time, it allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience for hours on end and not get tired of it, even after a series of deaths.

With these positive features, Inscryption is only one step away from becoming a truly perfect work, but unfortunately in this one step, due to the strange drop that occurs in a part of the game, it slows down, but even so, Inscryption is still one of those games. “It is a different and valuable experience that you will not regret.”

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