Persona creators plan to release a big game in 2022


In an interview with Famitsu Media, Shinjiro Takada announced that Atlus intends to launch a big game at an unknown time from 2022.

In the latest game news, we learned that Shinjiro Takada, Atlus product manager has mentioned the release of the big game in 2022. The creator of the Persona game series is one of those companies whose work seems almost impossible to predict; Especially when he is not busy teasing fans of the persona collection. Even when this Japanese developer explicitly mentions a work to be done in the future, it is still difficult to discern their true purpose.

As reported by Persona Central Media, Shinjiro Takada said in an interview with Famitsu that Atlus hopes to release a big game at an unknown time from 2022. The product manager of the construction team introduces this project as a work that will “become one of the main pillars of the company.” So this project is either part of a company flagship series like the Persona game series or it refers to a completely new work with a large budget.

Probably the one that immediately comes to gamers’ minds is the Re Fantasy project. This Atlus role-playing game has been under development for at least 5 years or more. We know almost nothing about this game, but Atlus has repeatedly stated that it is still working on the project. We have to point out again that we are talking about the strange creator of the persona collection, and at the moment nothing is clear.

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