Phil Spencer: Introducing a game rival by PlayStation is inevitable


Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has spoken out about rumors of Sony introducing Xbox Game’s rival and the arrival of PlayStation games on the PC platform.

There have been some rumors about the possibility of introducing Xbox Game’s rival service after Sony, which has received a lot of reactions from users. Now Xbox chairman Phil Spencer has made the point in a recent interview, saying it was “inevitable” and the right way to get players to the games. According to rumors, the PlayStation shared service, apparently codenamed Spartacus, will replace the current PS Plus service.

Spencer begins his talk on the news: “As you know, many of these things actually came together. Backwards compatibility From offering a collection of games that are simultaneously available for PCs and consoles or bringing Gamepad On several different platforms, all of these decisions come together in a variety of ways and all pursue the same goal.

I do not mean that we know everything or that we have answered all the questions, but I think the right thing to do is to allow our audience to experience the games they like and give them the choice of what to choose. Are interested. We need to be transparent about our plans with users and keep them informed of our actions. “So when we hear that others are interested in things like gameplay or offering games for the PC platform, it makes sense, because I think it’s the right answer to users’ concerns.”

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer does not see Sony’s apparent desire to emulate the Xbox’s bold approach as a reason to justify his and his team’s efforts to implement the game, saying it’s more indicative of what has always happened in the gaming world. :

“I do not really see this as a confirmation of my past decisions. Rather, when I talk to team members, we refer to it as inevitable. We must continue to innovate to be more and more complete. “Because our work today in this market may be profitable, but it may be just because we started before others, not because we built something that no one else can do.”

“I like this way of thinking, because it strengthens our energy to come up with ideas that are better than our previous work. “I believe the right answer is to offer great games for PC, console, cloud and shared services on the first day of release so that everyone can enjoy it, and I expect our competitor to take the same approach.”

Phil Spencer has spearheaded initiatives in recent years that Sony seems to have reached a little later. In 2016, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Play Anywhere plan, which allowed all Microsoft studio games to be released simultaneously for Xbox and PC, with cross-play capability. Now, in recent years, Sui has increased the number of games he has released for PC, and even by introducing a PC-specific brand and hiring game port specialists to the PC platform, he has realized the importance of paying attention to the PC gamer community.

PlayStation logo and gameplay

Other Xbox innovations include a large catalog of games released years ago for the original Xbox consoles that can be used on Microsoft’s next-generation consoles without hindrance and have been well received by users. However, the PlayStation 5 console only runs games of the previous generation, and now there are rumors that it may be extended to the PS3.

But the Xbox Game has been Microsoft’s most prominent program to compete in the gaming market over the years. However, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has previously said that PlayStation exclusive games will never be available on a shared service from the day they are released, but new rumors suggest the development of a Spartacus share service and possibly a more expensive version with backwards compatible games. .

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