Phil Spencer’s desire to ban abusive users on all platforms

Phil Spencer would like to see a day when fraudulent and abusive users will be integrated from all gaming platforms.

We know that game development studios such as Call of Duty, FIFA and Fortnite now have this ability whenever they want to block anyone’s account in their game and on all platforms. In addition, users of one platform are able to block another person with whom they have played multiplayer games or exchanged messages on that particular platform. But do you think the day will come when an abusive user can be banned from all gaming platforms? It seems that the Xbox boss would like to see such a day.

Phil Spencer In a recent interview with the New York Times, he said it was a great idea to block or block abusive users on all platforms. Spencer says that while it would be easy to implement an integrated cross-platform system to block or block people, this is something he would like to see implemented one day. He wants platform owners, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, to work together to create such a system.

Spencer adds that he likes to see when people can access a list of unsubscribed users that can be transferred to other platforms; Because he wants to transfer the list of all the users he has blocked to the online network of other platforms so that he does not have to play with these people on another platform or create a new list of them. Spencer also points out that immoral, rude, and hateful people have no place on the Xbox, and that the platform is not a place where everyone is free to say whatever they want.

What do you Zomji users think about this? Do you think the day will come when rogue or infringing users can be denied access to all gaming platforms? Let us know what you think.

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