Phil Spencer’s insistence on creating an Xbox game after service


In a recent interview, Richard Irving addressed how Phil Spencer did not succumb to the skepticism of internal members and the indifference of publishers to the Xbox Game service.

Richard Irving, A former Xbox veteran, recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about how Phil Spencer At the time of the creation of the Xbox Game, it stood against the skepticism of Microsoft’s internal members and was able to launch the service with great effort. According to Irving, although many publishers initially disagreed with the service, Phil Spencer’s team did not accept the negative response and remained steadfast.

Richard Irving said that while the plan did not seem viable and profitable, Phil Spencer’s team persisted and eventually took the floor. The old Xbox member said: “Mr. Spencer’s staff gave reasons for the Xbox Gamepas failure and loss of revenue at the meetings, and the publishers did not participate. But [فیل اسپنسر] He did not accept the negative answer. “He was always trying to find a way to make it happen.”

Suffice it to say that the Xbox Game service was what Microsoft needed to compete in the console market; Especially since the Xbox One console had tragically lagged behind Sony in terms of exclusive patents. With more than 25 million subscribers, the shared service has now become Microsoft’s biggest console winner. To that end, rumors are circulating that Sony will return to competition with the launch of a similar service codenamed Project Spartacus.

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