Pixar staff disappointed with Disney Plus’ exclusive Turning Red animation


Some Pixar employees have expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment that the Turning Red animation will be broadcast on Disney Plus instead of in theaters.

Earlier this week, Walt Disney officially announced that the Turning Red animation would no longer be released in theaters, and now Pixar’s new animation is set to have its own Disney Plus exclusive. Now in the latest Movie and TV newsThe change of the red animation player has been met with a reaction from Pixar members. Insider recently asked some Pixar members about continuing to broadcast Pixar animations via Disney Plus instead of in theaters.

After Soul animation and Luca animation, Turning Red animation is actually the third Pixar animation that does not see the color of cinematic screen and will be broadcast live through Disney Plus. “I can safely say that we are all very disappointed with this news and decision in the studio,” said a Pixar employee. “Until today, we thought the Turning Red animation was going to be released in cinemas, and everyone in the studio was very excited about it.”

Red panda hanging on the emergency step in the Turning Red animation

Another Pixar employee says that the announcement of the release of the Turning Red animation from Disney Plus was shocking, but this decision was not completely unexpected for him. He explained that the number of people with emicron is still increasing, and this has had a negative impact on people going to the cinema. A third Pixar member told Insider that he had not seen anyone in the studio disagree with the decision, given the increase in Amicron patients.

Box office experts have also told Variety that Disney has no problem with Pixar movies being released in theaters, but in a statement released, Disney CEO Karim Daniel said that Soul and Luca were very well received when Disney Plus aired. . Rebecca Rubin from Variety also said in her report that box office revenue is important for Disney, but it is also important for them to maintain and increase the number of Disney Plus users.

Luca, Alberto and Julia at the dinner table eating spaghetti in the Luca animation

However, Pixar employees have already expressed disappointment with the release of the Luca animation on Disney Plus and hope that this will change with the Lightyear animation. This animation is still scheduled for release on June 17, 2022 (June 27, 1401). Also, the Turning Red animation is scheduled to be broadcast on March 11 (March 20) from Disney Plus, and there will be no extra charge for watching it.

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