Platinum Games refers to making large and risky live service games


The new CEO of Platinum Games Studio said that he is looking to make bigger and more risky games than before, noting that the team is focusing more on live service works.

Based on conversations Atsushi InabaThe new CEO of PlatinumGames gaming studio It seems that Project GG, the new game Hidaki Kamia It will be a live service. Kamia, best known for directing games such as Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, amikami and Bayonetta, has been working on Project GG for some time.

In his new interview, Inaba noted the growing focus of Platinum Games on live-streaming games, and shared a wealth of information about the future of the studio. He said the studio seeks to create works that gamers can enjoy for longer; Unlike works like Bayonetta, which he says are very well made, but are only experienced once in a while. Inaba explained that Project GG is different from Kamia’s previous works:

“Hideki Kamia’s new work is still in the process of being tested on various aspects of the game. So I can not share much information about it with you. But in general, when we talk about our next works, we want to focus on making games different from previous studio games; Games that can be loved for a long time and enjoy their experience.

Of course, we like to make small and brilliant games like Sol Cresta and continue to cherish works like Bayonetta; Games that you can experience all the good stages in one round of experience. But our future projects that we are trying to build will have a different structure. Given the changes that the video game market will experience over the next five years, I think it is absolutely essential that we do so. I apologize for speaking so vaguely. “But now I can only share this information with you.”

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After years of working with Platinum Games as a studio that can be hired by various companies, Project GG creates a wholly owned suite of games. This action game has been described as the culmination of a trilogy created by Hideki Kamia with Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101. Kamia is currently the Vice President of PlatinumGames Studios.

Platinum has already confirmed that it will enter the world of live gaming. Finally, on March 3, we will see the release of Babylon’s Fall live game for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC; A work that recognizes Platinum Games and Square Enix as its creator and publisher, respectively. Of course, Platinum Games also has Bayonetta 3 this year; Nintendo Switch exclusive, almost five years after its official introduction.

Platinum Games now has a studio in Tokyo and a studio in Osaka. The total number of active game makers in these studios is about 300 people. “Atsushi Inaba, who has played a significant role in various parts of the history of Platinum Games, continued:”کن‌ایچی ساتو, The former CEO of Platinum Games, was the founder of the company. I want to be faithful to the work ethic of Platinum Games. If we can not come up with new ways to play, there is no reason for us to exist.

If there comes a time when the studio does not offer new ways to play, I think it would be better to eliminate Platinum Games, regardless of the company’s profitability. I want to go back to our roots and make great new games. In the past, even if we wanted to create our own game series, it was hard to do. If we succeeded in doing that, we would eventually be able to create small, stand-alone games. In the future, I want to get rid of these limitations and build great games with our ideas. I do not want Platinum Games to look back. “This is my role in the company.”

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