Play the new gameplay trailer for The Last Worker


Wired Productions has released a new trailer called The Jungle Fulfillment Center Tour of the first-person adventure game The Last Worker.

In the latest game news, we learned that a new trailer called Jungle Fulfillment Center Tour of The Last Worker has been released. Wired Productions is in charge of publishing and Wolf and Wood and Oiffy Studios are in charge of developing this first-person adventure game. You can watch the gameplay trailer of The Last Worker game below.

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This trailer depicts for the first time the tone and gameplay of the story-driven adventure game The Last Worker. This game shows the role of human beings in an increasingly mechanized world. The Last Worker game is scheduled to be released at an unknown time from 2022.

The Last Worker game available at PlayStation 5, Xbox X series users | It houses the Xbox S Series, Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam) and the MetaQuest 2 virtual reality headset.

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