Play the new trailer of the strategy game Expeditions: Rome with a focus on gameplay


Logic Arts Studios, the maker of THQ Nordic, the publisher of Expeditions: Rome, has released a new trailer for its gameplay.

Expeditions: Rome is available today for GOG, Epic Games Store and Steam digital PC stores. The new gameplay trailer of this RPG strategy game focuses on different situations that the gamer can encounter during the Expeditions: Rome experience.

The new trailer depicts a siege in Greece to let the audience see what approaches gamers at three different levels can take to get through the various stages. As we would expect from a tactical strategy game, for example, one of your teammates can destroy enemies with the right planning.

Download video from Aparat

In Expeditions: Rome, Logic Arts Studio goes on to perform tasks such as secretly attacking enemy artillery and rescuing captured team members. In the meantime, stealth naturally works better overnight, and the gamer must pay attention to the details of the battlefield when planning. Of course, each time the player does not do things ideally, different scenarios arise. Aside from the information about the work itself, it might be interesting to know that THQ Nordic, the publisher of Expeditions: Rome, belongs to Embracer Group.


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