Playing the trailer of Operator Rock game Rainbow Six Extraction


Recently Ubisoft trailer operator Rook He released Rainbow Six Extraction, which is a backup character in the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction game on January 30 (January 20) for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series is available. Game after subscribers can also experience this game without buying separately.

In order to know more about game operators, Ubisoft trailer operator Rook Which seems to be one of the functional operators of the game. One of the features Rook This is what he gives to his teammates Armor Plate. Therefore, apart from the fact that their defensive strength is increasing, they are in a critical situation instead of failing. This means that you can easily return to the game in heavy and sensitive battles, and not all teammates are supposed to revive the undefeated operator.

On the other hand by upgrading the character Armor Plate Rook, The amount of damage received by all the teams that have used this feature is reduced even more. Below you can see the trailer broadcast from the operator Rook Watch Rainbow Six Extraction on Zomji and share your opinions with us.

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