Possibility of adding Hulk object to Avengers game


Arcane voice actor Crazy Cahos may voice She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers.

According to the latest game news, a Twitter user named Miller recently claimed that Crazy Crazy Character voice acting Jennifer Walters Nicknamed She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers. It is worth mentioning that Bahous in the Arcane: League of Legends series voiced the character of Ximena. Miller also correctly revealed before the release of the Avengers expansion pack for War for Wakanda that Christopher Jaj, Kratos’ voice actor in God of War does the job of voice acting for the Black Panther character.

Referring to Miller’s tweet, Bahos posted another tweet from his personal account, in which he shared an image of a green heart reminiscent of the Hulk skin color. However, Bhaus has already deleted the tweet, which could be due to the possible reaction of Crystal Dynamics or Square Enix. Also, his clever tweet could indicate that he will probably play the role of Shea Hulk, and we have to see when this will become official. Of course, as always, it should be borne in mind that this news has not been published from an official source, and it is better to wait until it is officially announced.

Marvel's Avengers game characters

Square Enix recently admitted during its annual report meeting that gamers’ reaction to Marvel’s Avengers was “disappointing” and that the game “did not achieve the degree of success that the creators wanted it to happen.” Sosuke MatsudaSpeaking among the Japanese company’s shareholders, the chairman of Square Enix called the service-centric nature of the Avengers game an “ambitious” goal. “Enix must choose ways to design the game that suits the unique characteristics and tastes of the company’s game development teams,” he said. Matsuda also stressed that Square Enix does not stop making service-oriented games.

“The challenge we faced with making the Avengers did not work out,” he said. But we are confident that we will continue and expand our approach to building service-oriented games in the future; Because the whole gaming industry is moving towards service-oriented. “How we are going to use the features of service-oriented games and create new video game experiences is an important question that we will answer in the future.”

Crystal Dynamics some time ago, following the criticism of gamers, had to remove the monetary items of the XP increase from Marvel’s Avengers game. What upset the players was that the developers had already promised that the Avengers would never host in-app purchases and would not become a so-called Pay-to-Win game.

What do you think about the possibility of adding the Hulk object to Marvel’s Avengers? If you want to share your comments with us.

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