Possibility of complete cancellation of E3 event in 2022


Following the cancellation of the E3 2022 event in person, there is a possibility of a complete cancellation of Thierry this year.

Recently, during the latest game news, according to the latest new report published by a video game industry reporter, we realized that the possibility of holding E3 2022 event digitally has decreased. After the official confirmation that the event will not be held in person, it now seems that we may see the complete absence of E3 in 2022, and this famous event will not even be run as an online program.

Recently, following the official announcement of the ESA Foundation, which is the host of the E3 event, it was revealed that E3 2022 will not be held in person due to the spread of the Amicron strain of the corona virus and the increased risk of contracting the disease. Hours ago Jeff Grubb Gamesbit Media, one of the well-known journalists in the gaming industry, announced in a video post on its Tik Tok account that the digital event of the event in question may be canceled and, as a result, the complete cancellation of E3 2022 will be raised.

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This was the case earlier for E3 2020; A year in which many industries were damaged by the strange and deadly rise of the Corona virus. E3 2020 was one of several events that year that was canceled due to the corona outbreak. The event returned in 2021 and was held in fully digital form. But for 2022, the situation seems to be a little different.

ESA, which canceled E3 2022 in person, has not yet said whether hsj will host the conference online this year. Following this issue, various journalists and media outlets speculate that this year’s event will be canceled as it was in 2020. For now, we have to wait and see if ESA will react to the news of the cancellation of E3 2022.

what is your opinion? Will E3 2022 be held online or will it be canceled altogether? Write your comments for Zomji.

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