Possibility of continued collaboration between Sony and Squiranix in releasing time patents for PS5


According to new rumors, it seems that Sony and Skyranix will continue to release exclusive games for the PlayStation 5.

According to a VGC media reporter, it appears that Squareranix and the PlayStation brand will continue to collaborate on time-honored works for the PlayStation 5.

Recently and in the last stream Game News، Jordan Midler Reacting to the news of the collaboration between Ubisoft and the Xbox brand in adding Rainbow Six Extraction to the game service, and the possibility of buying the Ubisoft Plus service from the Xbox console in the near future, he pointed out a topic that has attracted the attention of the player community, especially PlayStation brand followers. . In Midler’s speech we read:

“It’s interesting that Ubisoft has chosen the Xbox brand to work with; While the position of Square Enix and PlayStation is very firm; Even if the general public is not aware of it. It’s a really cool move from Ubisoft. “We have a really exciting generation ahead of us.”

Free Holland over the valley in Forspoken

Asked when to wait for the official announcement of the partnership, Midler said, “We do not have to wait long!” The partnership between the PlayStation brand and Squiranix is ​​one of those old links in the gaming industry; An old collaboration that lasted from the PlayStation 1 to the 9th generation of video games, and its continuation will never be surprising.

We suggest that you consider the items mentioned in this news as a series of speculations for the time being; Because we have to wait for it to become official (if these things are true). We will probably have to wait until the release of Forspoken, which launches on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 24 (June 3). The work will remain under the PlayStation brand for two years, following a collaboration between Sony and Square Enix.

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