Possibility of delay in the release of the exclusive Redfall game


The two guests of the Defining Duke podcast claimed that after Stalker 2, it was time for the action-adventure game Redfall to be released for the Xbox with a delay.

Recently, there was a rumor that the Stalker 2 monopoly game would be delayed for Xbox gamers; A rumor that the creators later confirmed. Now in the latest episode of Defining Duke podcast, another rumor has been spread; Rumors that the release date of Redfall, Arkane Studio’s latest product, may also be delayed. The possibility of delaying Redfall was raised by MrMattyPlays and Lord Cognito, who were present as guests.

The two YouTubers noted that there were rumors of a delay in Redfal’s release. Of course, they also stressed that this news was not published by regular news sources. “Redfall’s name,” MrMattyPlays said of the possible delay [به‌عنوان بازی‌ای که قرار است تأخیر بخورد] Has been raised. Given the current state of the game, it’s not too surprising for me to see its release delayed. I think the release of the game will be transferred from the summer of 2022 to the New Year holidays (around December 1401). “From what we have heard, I think such a delay seems reasonable.”

Redfall Vampires

The two guests of the Defining Duke podcast then went on to say that not many details and images of Redfall have been released yet, and given that there is not much time left until the release of this action-adventure game, the delay would be reasonable to discuss. Redfal is an open world and co-op game that takes place in Redfal, Massachusetts. Players in Redfal must choose their favorite character from among the various heroes and, along with other players, form a team of bloodthirsty hunters and go to war against these bloodthirsty creatures.

Game Redfall that As with other Microsoft First-Party exclusive games, they will be available to GamePass subscribers from day one. For Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series and PC will be released. What do Zomji users think about Redfall and possibly the delay in its release? Share your views with us.

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