Possibility of getting a remake of GTA Vice City on PS Now


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition is likely to be available to PlayStation NOW subscribers.

In the latest game news, we learned that Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition will probably be available on PlayStation Now soon. At least two PlayStation users claim that the game was listed in console ads for Sony’s shared service. The alleged ads, one in English and the other in Portuguese, were seen by Twitter users, both of whom say the remake of GTA Vice City will be available on PlayStation until May 2, 2022 (May 12, 1401). will be.

Prior to the release of this collection, Rockstar Games confirmed that some of the games in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will likely be available on the Xbox GamePass and PlayStation NOW services individually. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition was released to Xbox GamePass users on November 11 (November 20), and PS Now users will be able to experience GTA III Definitive Edition on December 7 (December 16). However, the release of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City remaster for the PlayStation Navy service has not been officially confirmed yet, and we will have to wait longer for the release of reliable information.

This month Strauss Zelnik, CEO of Take-Two, claims that GTA: The Trilogy has been “excellent” since its release in November. The collection was met with negative reviews and very low fan ratings immediately after its release; So that many gamers were not satisfied with the graphic status of the game and strongly objected to the bugs and technical problems of the game. After a while, Rockstar apologized to the fans for the low quality of the game and promised to solve its problems by releasing updates.

The classic Grand Theft Auto 3 game

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It was confirmed last week that the physical version of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be available to Nintendo Switch console users with a delay on February 11th. This game is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X series platforms | Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC are experiential. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy received a score of 5 out of 10 in the Zomji review, which is summarized as follows:

“The fact is that the so-called improved versions in this collection are only valuable in the aspects they inherited from the original; Aspects like an interesting story with memorable characters and varied and creative stages. But when we look at this series from the perspective of a remaster, Grove Street Games studio has not been able to provide an experience worthy of the series name at all, and the game has been released with strange flaws; From the low quality of graphic textures related to some cars and buildings to the new style of face design. “We have to add bugs specific to these versions to say that the GTA triple remaster set is not worth the experience in its current state.”

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