Possibility of making a new Twisted Metal game in Sony’s own studio


VGC Media’s Andy Robinson reports that Lucid Games Studio is no longer the creator of the new Twisted Metal game.

A few months ago, we saw reports that Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games Studio was set to develop the new Twisted Metal game; The work is apparently set to arrive in 2023 with the Twisted Metal series to revive the series. Now Andy RobinsonSony’s studio has changed the game developer, said Chronicle, the editor-in-chief of the video game media Chronicle.

According to a new report, he is now in charge of one of the PlayStation First-Party (exclusive) game development studios in Europe to make the new Twisted Metal game. Firesprite Studios, Gorilla, Housemarque Studios, Media Molecule, London Studios and Nixxes Software Studios are the PlayStation First-Party gaming teams in Europe. Of course, xDev is also headquartered in Europe. But xDev is actually a large proprietary organization of Sony PlayStation that works with non-first-party studios to build exclusive games.

Wallpaper from the Twisted Metal game series

A Robinson source told him that one of the reasons for the Twisted Metal studio’s change was probably the release of negative reviews for Destruction AllStars. The game news came at a time when not only Sony emphasized the Twisted Metal series being made a few days ago, but we know Anthony Mackey The main role is supposed to be played by that TV work. He’s more because of the role play Sam Wilson/ Falcon is known as the Marvel movie world.

what is your opinion? Which Sony PlayStation studio in Europe do you think is currently working on Twisted Metal?

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