Possibility of making Sony’s new Twisted Metal game by MotorStorm director


Matt Saturn, director of several MotorStorm games, has been hired by Sony’s Firesprite game development studio to possibly work on the new Twisted Metal game.

Andy Robinson VGC recently reported that Lucid Games Studio (developer of Destruction AllStars) is no longer in charge of producing Twisted Metal. Because this work is entrusted to one of the PlayStation first-party studios in Europe. Now we not only know that the new team is actually Firesprite, but Matt Saturn Joined Twisted Metal game studio; Someone who directed several MotorStorm games and even came up with the original idea for DriveClub.

Saturn, who has worked on several successful racing games and collaborated with PlayStation many times, is now working at Firesprite in Liverpool, England; The same big studio that made Horizon Call of the Mountain, which was bought by Sony a few months ago. It may be interesting to know that the buildings of Lucid Games Studio and Firesprite Studio are about fifteen minutes apart, and it seems that with the transfer of the Twisted Metal reboot project to FireSpright, several former members of Lucid Games will join this first-party PlayStation Studio.

New PlayStation Twisted Metal game made at Sony Firesprite Studio by director of several racing games MotorStorm

Herman Holst“After a few years of working closely together to make several games, I’m very pleased to welcome Firesprite to the PlayStation family of studios,” said the head of the PlayStation Studios after Sony acquired FireSpright. FireSpright is a creative and ambitious studio that performs exceptionally well in creating incredible experiences; Experiences that really show the power of our hardware. The technical and creative ability of this team will play a serious role in expanding our brilliant list of exclusive games, and I think you will see [آثار فایراسپرایت] “You will be excited.”

Sony is currently working on the Twisted Metal series starring Anthony Mackey. For this reason, apparently in 2023, we will see the broadcast of the Twisted Metal series and the release of the new Twisted Metal game. Rat Reese and Paul Wernick, co-authors of Deadpool and Zombieland, have been named executive producers on Twisted Metal. Michael Jonathan Smith, The author of the Cobra Kai series, is writing the script.

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